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On Good Dude, well, we then yell. Where were you in all of this? Party. Yeah. Again I still to this day. Maintain like the reason. I felt cool. Going out was because I had been yell. And Alana with me. They were always so much cooler than I. It's one hundred zero like when it comes to like like being had I have no chill I'm such, a nerd and such dark and like. I was so frantic as a kid like all I wanted was to be like I. Dunno I wanted to like. Make friends who came from like a really tiny school, and so like I would go out and I would go to shows, and all I wanted to do was like. You know I would go see RILO Kiley at. You know Silverlake Lounge in all. I WOULD WANNA do was like be like friends with them. I I'd allies them so much and dean. Yelling Alana were like my arm. I was happy like to really cool friend. Will Danielle Danielle? How did you see t? I mean that's her perception of herself in a way. Did you see her the same way? Now I saw has the coolest as. I wasn't I really wasn't that. When you talking about I. Wasn't that cool? But. It was I. I was like painfully insecure and all I wanted all I still am and I was always very shy, so I would always be like as it's like. The cool dynamic is like there was like really talking like all or sister who would be like. Jokes F-, Olbermann Mike, and then the cool girl with Mystique, like like like sitting in the corner, smoking, a cigarette and like. We were kind of the gruesome twosome on Alana came along. It was kind of like we were this. Let me. Show you how this is dawn again. I think the common denominators that we just really loved. Like the La Music scene in like we really supported it and like. We'd love going to shows and again like our high school was really really small, and you know there weren't a lot of kids that like the same music as I did and was. As in batch raided as I was with like going to see like live music in l. a., and so my friends were kind of like we're gonNA, go like to us either show in downtown because they're doing like waiting for Goodell and I'd be like that's cool, but like I really wanna go see like Elliott Smith. Play down the street. And so I didn't really have anyone to go like I. was like Oh here's these like I have like two girls in my arsenal like that can come with me and like I would I would like. Save up my lunch money to buy tickets. and. I I did I would take them with me. Again knocks like I think that was what kind of bonded us like I would be like. I would buy CD's from Amoeba in second span played them in the car. I drove car pools so like. I was in my car pool. My senior year she was a freshman, and then when Alana was a freshman ending our senior Alana was in Carpool and. Like. I was a senior on a Lotta was freshman, so it was like in that way like SDS reduce all of her friends. Coming in like every senior dude would be like Jay. What's the deal with your legs? SISTER IS NOT A. Buck away from her. We'll hold. When did the family band break up? and was that a really sad day, and is it on, and is it on vh one behind the music? On Now, Tell you not broken up area. We're still very much. I'm still together. Probably every holiday season. I M makes. Makes.

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