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Pennzoil Performance line. Brian Kelly noticed football coach going to join us in about 10 minutes and Katie Ledecky, Olympic dominant Olympic swimmer going to join us in about 1/2 a very obvious Dr Brian Kelly to see where we just heard from their aid Jack Swarbrick on the upcoming season. When or if, or when it may start, so we'll talk to Brian Kelly and where they are, but Katie Ledecky, such a dominant dominant swimmer should be swimming right now. If the Olympics were going on in Tokyo. It would be going on now, so it's supposed to be a year from now, so we'll check in with her. Now she's she's going to be probably next couple Olympics. She just turned 23 years old in March. And just unbelievably dominant but where she is and what she thinks of everything and the year wait now for the 2021 Olympics, so are really looking forward to talking to her. Yes, exactly. And the adjustment that she has to make at that level. We talked so much about athletes in their preparation for this season. But now to have your whole timeline and they planned so meticulously around all the events. They're going to do access to a pool during all this all the difficulties That you might face so we'll check in on that. We'll check in with Brian Kelly in a little bit, but we got to check in with the money, and I did make an error and all this because Mookie Betts did, in fact, go out and back up the Brinks truck on this one. It is a 12. It is a 12 year, $365 million extension, adding to the one year, $27 million deal that's got some things to parson it, But I said in a human year, it's technically an earth year. If a human was on Mars, it would still be ah, Human year But on Mars, the calendar would look a little bit. Offered their proximity to the sun. All these things. Yeah, we'll get into what he's making every Earth Day Ah, for the next 13 years, but Mookie Betts in this time or we thought, you know what we listen. Leagues are going to lose money. That's just the way it's going to be, and we have heard through the fight between the baseball between the players in the league. We heard Tom Ricketts from the Cubs say the losses are going to be biblical other owners saying We don't make much money as people think. You know what? We've heard that for a while, As far as I know, we don't make that much money, and we all laughed at it. And so the owners will get mock a bit today because ofthe Crying pour a little bit yet A deal like this goes on goes, so goes on. My thought is nothing has changed. It's just in the time it's happening. It looks a little different. The top the top money teams were still the top money teams. That's not going to change. There's probably a handful of teams. That could have paid Muecke backs this money, the Dodgers or one of them whether it's now whether it's next year, whether it's in two years they're going to be able to do that. So that hasn't changed so they can pay that amount, and most of the other teams can't or won't pay that amount. So to me, nothing is different. It just sounds different, because because of the pandemic and the money that will be lost this year, it's not home. It's not what you're going to lose this how much you're going to lose their just crying a little more poor now, But so they're going to lose somebody this year, but they still have a lot of money. Well, yeah, I guess that's the reminder is we hadn't had to hear them complaining about money leading up to this. And so now you're going to do that in one breath leading all of this amidst the global pandemic, but then still be able to go out shell out cash like this. It's a reminder that you shouldn't believe the people will be attached to their name when they're arguing with the guys with the M attached to their name. And a lot of this. I understand people don't like that in general. But remember who is closer to the place and represents more of your interest in all of this one. I understand. It feels like it might be the team's side but ain't none of us got long money like the billionaires that are involved in all this one, and so supporting them is never really the way to go. And why did Booky Booky booky man? Why not? One more week 9 45 Lookit Mookie Betts gets that 300. It will be 375 million overall, not 3 90 to explain that in a minute. Because on a per game basis, he's the seventh most valuable position player in baseball history with a minimum of 500 games according to war. What wins above replacement per 162 games. Babe Ruth is at the top 10.5. Then there's Mike Trout at 9.8 and you have Rogers Hornsby, Barry Bonds, Ted Williams and then Lou Gehrig. Mookie Betts are tied at 8.5 games. So he's one of those big money, guys. He gets it. The report is 13 years of 292 million, just for the sake of being accurate. It's not that Because of the 3 65 extension people are adding the 27 million for this year is not getting 27 million. They're playing 37% of their games, so he's going to make right about 10 million just to tick under. So let's say 10 million So, in actuality, it's a $13,000,375 million total deal and I put that into something maybe you can accept or or grab hold to a little better than that, At least in theory, you'll never get it. Every single day starting today because the season starts today off every day for 13 years every day he gets up, he will make $79,030. You'll makes just over $79,000 Not Game day..

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