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And her rent is so outrageous what's going on should people just by home it is just crazy isn't it alright we have been meeting clients and for example we had a client yesterday and when we met with her her rent was going to nineteen hundred dollars a month and that's pretty common that's not an uncommon number we got her qualified to buy a house and our house payment was going to be thirteen hundred it was actually a nicer home than what she was renting and I bet she did a happy dance wondering what she could do with that extra money every month she was absolutely shocked and she was just delighted she had no I believe that the cost of owning a home could be cheaper than rent that's amazing to find out if this is an opportunity for you please call our friends at first equity at seven six three two five one eight thousand or go to my tax key words David thanks for calling one eight hundred got junk this is Serra how can I help I was just calling to say thanks for saving my move how did we do that are loaded but we were out of time and there was a mountain of junk we were leaving behind my neighbor said call one eight hundred got junk they may just disappear all you have to do is point we came through for you you're an angel for calling thank you thank you thanks for calling one eight hundred got junk this is Serra how can I help I'm just calling to say thank you you chose us we should be.

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