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Is thirty six degrees in the American standard heating weather center. A high of forty six today the time is seven thirty five. George H W Bush not Ronald Reagan. Tony. Next time. You talk about Clarence Thomas, George H W Bush. Not Ronald Reagan. In my head. That's all the eighties about. That's the confirmation was. Nine hundred ninety one. I I forget it all the time said that yesterday to make sure I corrected the record. That's what you should do when you make a mistake. Correct. The record and you move on just that easy. Tony cats ninety three a WIBC rallies yesterday in Chicago. For Kim, FOX. This is. The state's attorney the one who decided to drop all the charges against jussie smollet. Who wrote herself and op Ed discussing why she's moving past all this. In the meantime, there were two rallies yesterday. One from the journal order police people wearing buttons I'd say FOX must go. The other from Jesse Jackson's outfit rainbow-push supporting her. Jesse Jackson's just so full on on the gripped full on on the graph because it's with that rainbow push coalition where Jesse smaller the actor from empire who faked an attack on himself. So he can get paid more by the show empire. That's what they said. He did his community service. And that was good enough wasn't community service. It was it was nonsense. Put some books away. It was garbage for rainbow. Push. So Jesse Jackson was in clearly as I see it in one way or another in helping this go away for Jesse smaller. This should never go away for jussie smollet. I mean, we have career again. I say, yes. Because that's the way I think it's gonna go down should Kim FOX have a career again. No. And if the people of. Just Cook County one vote for someone that terrible. They deserve everything. They get everything they get. But never forget that. Jesse Jackson is not a serious, man. Jesse Jackson's a man on the graph. Jesse Jackson is a man who will figure out how to make a buck, and he will defend the indefensible and he'll gladly do. It. If he can claim some kind of racial win from it. There is no more racially charged man in all of America. Throughout throughout the last thirty years. Then Jesse Jackson. And read the book shakedown, it's it's very important now. I caught this story the other day. I'm like, I don't know what to do with this. I shouldn't say the other day. It was last night. I didn't know what to do with it. Because how the world am I gonna have a conversation about a croissant? Right. And when I talk about croissants because I love them, and because great stuff is being made right here in Indianapolis. But this is a Representative Cossio Cortez story about a Passat. The story is is that she sent out a.

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