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Brother Thank you so much for the review. That's the type of shit that really helps out. You know not just us but any local artists that you really want support you know And this especially get this a freeway to help out a local artists or so in that you want support. Yes absolutely you're tom. Yes in the click Thumbs thumbs yeah Of course we. We really appreciate that. We re appreciate all the reviews we get is it always helps us out so many different ways but of course one of the ways helps us out is it helps the algorithm Thankfully right now If you type in superhero in any like search podcasts search engine would typically light within the first one to three that pops up But even still Shoot on one of those pop twice. Yeah we do Spotify actually But we do appreciate any reviews that you guys can take the time to spare to give us that. Always upset a lot It also helps us guys. Go to pay john dot com bachelors superhero home. He says well you know we're gonna find a way throw it in here That way you can get all of our back catalog. And also all of our non-related superhero cool ass content that we talk about. If you guys enjoyed the kind of free foreign content that we have here on this main podcasting you would also really love our other nerd content on the patriot on page. Be sure to check that out now without further ado let us break down some of this new cool content that we have to discuss e. So do you want to start off with Titans or what if. What if we watched that one. I so you know without alphabetical care. Today i suppose we did. Actually we didn't because it's marvels would have no no. Oh in that case. No no i further retort that and say no we we actually did say fuck alphabetized because dc's titans it's not called dc site is. I just called. i did right now. Okay if you guys are familiar with the concept of what if it. This was originally a concept a comic book even came to believe back in the late seventies when the what else i started to to be published and really what. What if comic series was just a cool way for Certain riders either riders wanted to break from the continuity or writers. Who wanted to kind give the foot in the door. A little bit to kind of just a right. One of one issue stories that were noncanonical. They were like what if such and such happened. You know what You know what if somebody else guide the symbiosis. What if Jane foster near what if you know. It's funny because a lot of these..

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