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And you know it's kind of like oh man there are starstruck almost and they don't perform as well because those guys are in the building so i is kinda like life for me i've always mama's was like all have nothing to lose right i went to different high schools i went to join a college i had a great year new mexico noone's thinks i should be here so you kind of playing with house money it was just like okay i'm not gordon hayward paul george john wall in or or evan turner where you know they have one back it one bad workout maybe it might help it might hurt them in my sleep day my slip a little bit mind was just like look no one thinks i'm supposed to be here anyway you know everybody thinks this fluke so i'll have nothing to lose if i go in here and play good it can help me can go in here and play bad could it can hurt me or i could still be in the same spot it just you know what i'm saying like why was just by my approach my mindset said just my situation was a lot different than everybody else so that's me my my big thing was i i was i have nothing to lose that's yeah yeah because i mean otherwise you're going to get in your head and she worried and you know hurt yourself really in the long run so that's definitely the very approach i think how was your boston workout because i know a lot of guys say that one stuff to the the celtic run at the end where they make you know after a crazy workout you have to do the celtic run what's what was that like for you this team as ron so that was the one team that i'll probably should have worked out for that i didn't bang danielle age went to byu and we beat up on byu two times will in you know one a little one a conference championship so i know he watched a lot of our games but that wasn't i didn't go to boston but oh comedy jones yeah dominate jones who want who was in we worked out to go to same agent he did that work out and he said dome was by far the hardest one because.

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