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The center of the Cunanan hoax is the idea that a cabal of Democrats and celebrities are tanic pedophile running a global child sex trafficking operation, and the followers of this hoax believe president trump is secretly leading an effort to stop it all. The Q. and Cunanan takes its name from a fortune user from a few years back who posted in that online forum claiming to be an anonymous government official. I'm GonNa tell you I don't know who Q. is, but I'm just going to tell you about it because I think it's something worth listening to in. This is the voice of Cunanan inherent on the path to Congress Marjorie Taylor Green construction executive from Georgia one congressional primary in a very red district all but guaranteeing her a seat in the House of Representatives. So there's some really interesting things about this person cue that was even after videos emerged of her from two thousand seventeen this one expressing support for on. It also gives you a sense of how Q. Supporters Arrive at some of their beliefs. Another thing is Q. has put out he put out a picture for. It was like a clue and the photo was from an airplane and. Someone figured out the angle from the photograph and it matched the coordinates exactly to the same. Piece of same. That Air Force. One was flying over. Okay. So people believe that q is someone very close to President trump and we should point out. There are a lot of other videos of green unconnected to Q. and on son Islamophobic others about african-americans. And while green just last week backtracked on her support for Cunanan telling Fox News she chose a different path. She isn't the only congressional candidate who signalled support for it in the past. Honestly everything I've heard of Q. I hope I hope that this is real in Colorado. There's Lauren Beaubourg feed a five term incumbent in a primary in June because it only means America's getting stronger and better and people are returning to conservative values and an Oregon Senate candidate Joe Ray Perkins used a Cunanan motto in a now deleted campaign video. We go one we go on I stand with President Trump I san in the teams. Thank you. And thank you Patriots and together, we can save our republic and when a reporter described President trump what the movement is actually about trump didn't disavow it. Of the theory, is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this site chantik cold of pedophile and cannibals does that sound like something you are behind I haven't I haven't heard that but Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing If if I can help save the world from problems. Willing to do it, I'm willing to put myself out there. Now, the fact that trump acknowledge the cunard community is hugely consequential to to the community because they have been waiting this for years they've been travis view. It's been reporting on Cunanan and host a podcast about the fact that he did nothing to denounce the theory or to now's the followers hugely energized them. I mean they are they are on cloud nine as a wants trump's statements. NPR's Hannah Lamb spoken to view about his podcast and the movement he covers and why he and many others believed Cunanan followers need to be taken more seriously as a domestic threat. Peace Movement. Is True. That's an episode of the podcast Cunanan anonymous. The show takes a deep skeptical look into the world of in on. One of the host Travis. View says queuing on is so outlandish. So we're dicusss that most people didn't take it seriously not federal authorities, not social media platforms at least not until Q. Believers started running for office when things go viral live, even if they're dangerous extremist movements. They might be dismissed as fringe, but once they started entering the halls of Congress than that makes people sit up and pay attention. The watchdog group media matters for America counts nineteen congressional candidates with links to Cunanan who will be on the ballot November. Many are long shots, not Marjorie Taylor Green her primary win in a deep red district means she's all but assured a seat in Congress trump has already tweeted his congratulations. I think Taylor Green started in the bucket where she truly believed in human but now she's Probably drifting more towards the political constituency. Marc Andre Argentino recently wrote about Cunanan for the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. He Worries Q. is fueling extremism last year in FBI memo called it a potential domestic terrorism threat several Q. supporters already been linked to serious crimes if Gallaher Tracks Q. in on for the London based Institute for Strategic Dialogue, but almost like a cult, you know it really becomes that's almost cult like thinking they have their mantras than their oaths and they you know are so dogmatic and they're thinking. Gallaher, says, the conspiracy now goes well, beyond American politics international groups have formed it's sweeping up new age anti vaccination types. It's reaching millions across social media platforms, outpacing new efforts, by tech, companies to contain it. NPR's Hannah lamb now, I wanNA talk more about the social media part of this because earlier this month NBC News obtained internal facebook documents that revealed there were thousands of active queue in on facebook groups with millions of members and following that report facebook announced this past week it had removed almost eight hundred of those groups from the site it restricted another two thousand or so as well as ten thousand instagram. Accounts and what does restricted me well, facebook says it will no longer recommend Q. on groups to users based on their Algorithm Algorithms preferences. Something facebook had been doing the last week. This is significant because as Hannah mentioned, the conspiracy is sweeping up people who are new age adherents, anti vaccination types, and apparently white evangelical church goers. My colleague Ari Shapiro has more into that Ari is this a surprise and Howard Church? Leaders like talking about it. Well, on one level it's not a surprise because Cunanan tend to be trump supporters and white evangelical church goers also tend to be trump supporters but I talked to a reporter who says there is a much deeper connection here her name Caitlyn baby she writes for the Religion News Service and she talked to a bunch of pastors who are seeing this growing phenomenon in their church and. Trying to talk people out of it. I. Mean they see it as a problem absolutely I mean she said there were a few pastors in small churches who were all in on Cunanan but for the most part, these white evangelical pastors are really concerned like one of them she talked to is named Jebar. He's a senior pastor, of first, Baptist Church in Almonte Texas as a Christmas Church really spreading the message of. The Gospel of Jesus. Christ, because that's the most important messes in the world. So. If the people spreading the message. Are also spreading. Easily debunked crazies lives. WHY WITH THE MESSAGE PEOPLE Right why would we listen to my friend? Joe, who says he's a Christian some of the about Jesus. If he also thinks time you taking over America and upgrading. Pedophile ring.

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