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Joining us now from the tapes in lunatics podcast, that's part of the Southgate media group failed perish. Thank you so much for coming onto campus. It's great to hear your comic book fan. I was thrilled to find out that in the superman comic book series. There is a time where superman ran for president. And there was a big supreme court battle from what I understand. So I wanted to talk to a comic book guy about this get their impression of it. And kinda run down. What goes on inside of this one series? So you had to dust off a box of old comics from what I understand you've had this thing sitting around for decades. Just waiting to be revisited. Yeah. It originally came out. It was an annual from nineteen Ninety-one. So yeah, it's pretty pretty old here coming off the original Bush presidency. You know, you're you're talking about before the Clintons were prime. So you have superman running for president. How does this comic book layout? How how does he decide? To run for president. What's one of those? It's like a possible future. So. It starts off with his actually one of his childhood friends. Pete Ross won't runs for president. And then in the middle of the campaign Pete gets someone attempts to assassinate Pete Ross and superman is basically forced to reveal his Clark Kent identity to save his friend and while his friend gets shot. He's like I'm never going to be able to recover in time the run. So he's like, why don't you do it? You know who wouldn't vote for superman so he had to reveal he was Clark Kent in this series. Well, it was he stepped in front of the gun fire and the gunfire gunfire. Kind of shredded his shirts. Everyone saw his superman costs you underneath. So his identity was revealed as he was saving the life of his friend. Yeah. One was shocked like Clark Kent superman. Does this happen? A lot in superman comics disease identity become revealed. Every once in a while like, especially back probably fifties sixties you would get imaginary. You know like a one offs. Like, hey, what would happen if superman revealed as identity to the world or seven so found out? Yeah, they always play on that theme. Every so often. But how does even have time to do something like this? He's superman. He's out there. Saving people. You have time to be a staffer on his buddies campaign. I don't know. I guess super speed helps. All right. So he is encouraged by his friend who is running for president to indeed run for president. Did it was it a hard decision for him? Yes. He gave it a long hard thought. He's I think like you said he was like, you know, how can I do what I do for the world and rent for president or what this? How would this help me? And there was even big battles. It was superman even eligible to run for president. What was the battle in the it? Did it go to the way that the supreme court from what I understand? I've yes, yes. Because it was like it was like superman a US citizen this burgeon in this iterating sale was changed their origin. Every couple of decades. It's like he wasn't actually born on crypt on. He was in a birthing matrix when it came to earth. I guess the supreme court ruled that wanted it opened on US soil. He was technically born. So he was technically worn a US citizen. All right. So he was he was not born on krypton. So basically he was born in space. He was conceived crypt on. But at this point the crypto Indians, basically had lake think high tech incubator. Uh-huh. And so when his father sent him to earth, the incubator had not ever been open. So he basically just put a rocket on this incubator shot it to earn. Yeah. Convoluted way to say, yes. Superman's a US citizen can run for president. Yeah. Don't give Elon Musk any ideas. Rocket on something out in space. He seems like that might just work. So we get superman landing on US soil, and because of that the supreme court rules. He has an American citizen, thus he can run for president of the United States. Yes. What does he campaign on? He basically a lot of his like clean energy. Like he was trying to get all solar. I know he was trying to get every nature on earth to disarm their nuclear weapons. He was he wanted to bring all the superheroes. Together is one like peacekeeping force. So. Any boned up? Mike all the languages of the world. So he would go and talk to each world leader in their own language. And wow, how does he learn all of that? Does he have super abilities to learn as well? Well, again with the super speed, I think he can read really fast, and he can read like books and books in one day. So and then he can memorize those things just like that. Oh, I guess you can read a book if you read a book sixty or seventy times or more than that could probably memory. You remember that? What was that meteor, man? What was that nineties movie where if you touched him book, he would be able to automatically learn everything in it for a short amount of time meteor, man. Okay. So he wants all solar disarm the nukes. He wants the superheroes to unite. So that's you know, it's nineteen Ninety-one disarmament nukes were coming off of the United States and Russian Reagan and the goal warned stuff like that. So I can I can see how that would be popular. And that sort of thing solar was like, a brand new technology, and then people find of the capabilities of itself, that's interesting. So he goes on these platforms. He goes up for a vote. How does he do? Oh, of course, he basically wins in a landslide was he a Republican or democrat? They never said. Oh, really? Okay. Yes. To run up against again some fictional. The issue rate here he used running with some Senator Senator Herbert forest. Oh, okay. Interesting. And again, I don't think I don't think they said what part of he was either. So. Again, party superman, man, okay. Let's probably for the best don't wanna ruin it for everyone or at least half the audience. So keep everyone can you know, say that's my party. So he's sworn in. Did they say what he's sworn in on? Is it a bible or is it like something from krypton? Again. I don't think they say they haven't take the oath. And I would assume it's a bible. Yeah. There's a picture of it on the front of the comic. If there's a court Justice older person ketone, male or female actually from the pitcher. And then there's you know, getting sworn in left hand right hand up. Don't you normally put your right hand on the bible, Mike mixing it up. Maybe you don't maybe get them right hand, raise your right hand. O? You raise your hand. Yeah. Yeah. So from there what happens after he becomes president. Well, they basically again, he they show him doing the world tower and not even has helped him find some sunken treasure what he says he's going to try to do from time to time to help bring the deficit down. He goes to treasure hunts to help. They found like a shrunk sunk in like. Ocean liner that had just happened to go down with a vault full of like gold bars in it and. What was dealing with this time. He could have really banked in think of how big his fortress could be under the water. If you just looked for these things to begin with and cashed it in on his own, man. He really missed out an opportunity, but I didn't know aqua man was partial to the United States as he have any allegiance to any countries. He he just wanted to help superman we've the king of Atlantis. But I guess they're like Justice league buddies. So yeah. I wonder if the people of Atlantis would be a little upset like, hey, man. What are you doing you given all the money, you should be going to us? Okay. So they cash on this treasure. He helps pay down the debt. What does he do other than that? Does. He do anything else. Like, I said he basically tries to unite all the superheroes. Greenlanders even tried to give them power ring. Could he declines that? Basically, basically just ends with him saying there's still so much to do. I have to set this up for, you know, the next administration and stuff because it's a weird issue because it's being from the future like tries the read Superman's future. And I guess this is like one possible future. What do you mean tries to read his future? So this didn't happen or did happen. No it really didn't happen because. Yeah. It's a whole story line that went through all the animals that year. There was like a big mysterious. Dictator took over the earth in the year two thousand at four year of two thousand and one. So. Yeah, this this this this being traveled back in one thousand nine hundred ninety one to try to figure out which of the superheroes becomes this dictator, and he he he would read that the possible futures of every superhero, and in the case of superman and Batman who had multiple books at this time each read them a few times. So basically, it was like what we see on the adventures like the was the guy that plays Dr Who it's the doctor strange Benedict Cumberbatch. So I saw that one avengers movies, and if he goes through, and he goes through all the possibilities of how the avengers could beat this one bad, dude, you know, the guy, and so was it one of those scenarios was there, some do that could look into the future, and he was like reading all the possible scenarios to figure out which would have been the worst time line to follow. Yeah. He looked at everyone's timelines. And yes, this was one of Superman's possible timelines he could become president. Yeah. So at the very end you find out that. Oh, no. This was just an imagination. This would have been a nice ending, but not the one that could possibly happen. Yeah. And then it was a weird thing about how his earth author Jonathan Ken had died and led to this time line. But then he actually saved his father. So I guess this time line then was there like, oh, I guess it's not gonna happen. No president superman. Now, I guess you could still run. I mean, why not no? Yeah. Yeah. I think it's pretty safe bet that he would be fine in to get votes. You can do that any time. I don't see why he couldn't just hop over. But then again what happens when you go back. You're no longer Clark. Can't you can't go back to that superman for the rest of your life? Do you really want to do that? That's true. I mean, you'd save on secret service. That's true. Would you vote for superman? I think so yes, he's he's a clean cut mid western boy, like never lies. So I don't know how far it getting politics, but he doesn't lie. We did find you became president. True. Okay. So if superman was running up against Batman who would you vote for? Ooh, that's a hard one. Because I am a big Batman fan. Probably superman, I think Superman's more honest, and honestly Batman really doesn't like to be that much of a public figure. Sam. So at the very end of this series that they go through who was the bad guy who's the one that wanted to do world domination..

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