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A B. correspondent my camp and reporting Britain's ninety eight year old prince Philip is out of the hospital after being treated for what Buckingham Palace called only a pre existing condition video shows and leaving the hospital and getting into a vehicle without help we are learning more about the US soldier killed in combat Monday in Afghanistan the Pentagon says sergeant first class Michael global of Washington township New Jersey was killed in combat the Taliban claimed they were behind a road side bombing in Northern conduits province the Taliban now controls practically half of Afghanistan but continues to stage near daily attacks targeting Afghan and U. S. forces Goebel was based on of Eglin Air Force base in Florida twenty U. S. deaths have been reported in Afghanistan this year there've also been three non combat deaths more than twenty four hundred Americans have died in the nearly eighteen year conflict the US has been trying to work out a peace agreement in Afghanistan with the Taliban and Donahue Washington the families of American newlyweds who were badly injured during a volcanic eruption in New Zealand say the couple is doing about as well as can be hoped for given the extent of their injuries they both remain hospitalized in New Zealand Matt and Lauren your ray are from Richmond Virginia they were visiting white island two weeks ago when the volcano erupted killing nineteen people and leaving more than two dozen others with severe burns this is AP news Holocaust survivors gathered at the western wall in Jerusalem on Monday to mark the second day of Hanukkah all.

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