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He's corrected things things but now he's talking about it. We will see some of these athletes. I'm gonna talk fighters. It's actually kind of spread across the board of athletes hollywood is a terrible place to grow up as a child and you wonder why they turn into knuckleheads but a lot of it is just as simple as what rosie o'donnell said that was a high that high is now gone. I need something to fill the void void. What i'm trying to say is if you look at some of the other guys. It's called marking out for your own gimmick when you come out and you tell the world you're the greatest ever the the first time that you say you will feel very awkward about it. Believe me and you're expecting the person that you said it to to laugh at you and maybe they did or maybe they did it but the second time you you say that gets easier and the third time you come out and claim your the greatest to ever done it. You'll start to believe in a hell of a lot more than you did the first two times by the time you've said it a hundred times it's now how easy you now believe it and you've also created a whole bunch of other people around you who also believe in and when they all start saying the same thing and feeding the same narrative that you had it just becomes your reality politi but you only get to perform two to three times a year. So what do you do in between we sat. John jones is up right now. He's gotta go to some bench trial waitress at a strip club saying the he choked her conor mcgregor video just surfaced. He smacked some old guy in a bar by smacked him. He took a closed fist and punch right in the face upset about whatever was upset about about but they begin acting out. You begin seeing these things because they negative attention is better than no attention and you will see. I'm talking about criminal acts right here guys. You've seen it all the way down in school. Don't you remember that kid in class. You'd be out somewhere. He put a whole sandwich in his mouth. At lunchtime. He put the whole sandwich in and gross all the girls out where he put a whole pancake in his mouth that will hold waffle into his remember. Those guys didn't get a negative reaction from the girl but had they not done that. They get no reaction at all. They would just just preferring negative reaction to no reaction. It's as simple as that good batter in different. I'm just pointing out the level of psychology there in the road and the story and the journey never ends well never daniel cormet had those same opportunities he was tempted with those same exact things any fell into the temptation like everybody else except for him where he chose as his outlet as his way of getting his hair down was to go to local high school and to give back to the community he also had spare time he also had extra energy. He also had a few dollars that he wanted to spend somewhere and he did at a local high school. School has their head wrestling coach giving back to the community so i think that he has to offer an apartment because understand you see what i'm trying. I'm trying trying to say here. There's just a significant difference. There's one path that's the right. Path is one path wrong path. Everybody makes mistakes. You walk on both of them at times but you would hope that by the time a guy is an adult that is only the right path into daniel's credit. That's the one he found. Football is back and sports action in in august. Just keeps getting better between the n._f._l. And then you have see in the playoff race in major league baseball. It's all happening and there's no better time to try your luck on on the odds this week in the n._f._l. The ravens versus the eagles. It's the packers taken on the raiders is the texans versus the cowboys and the seahawks going up against the chargers..

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