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Well, as you know, or may not know the quote that I have lived my life on his from the Princess bride when the man in black who is really Princess brides lover Wesley when Wesley is dead, and she's crying, and she he laughs her something. And she says, you mock my pain, and he looks at her and says life is pain Princess, and anyone who tells you different is selling something that is how I live my life because this idea of selling something, this constant I told your marketing ex. Burning. It's just the constant constant flow. And then you married the six fingered, man. Mary by that point. Right. Yes. You are. Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. We were married almost instantly. And you're still married apparently. That's. You must read those papers. I I don't read anything anymore. The news is just too toxic. I I'm with you about to flush my phone because I just can't. I mean, it's just too much comes in from that device. Now, it's too much backlash. There'll be a backlash it will be big even our friend, Sean James the best adore him. Even Sean James posted yesterday, something about just social media, and the responsibility of it is too much for all of us. We have to as a group. I would like the jury to note that the witnesses afflict the bird, but I flipped the west coast bird. Oh, because the there's this one that okay? This is west that is east east coast is when you kind of like Mashal your fingers together, and it's just a single just a single a log just blow right up and west coast. You've pulled it back like a trigger pull it back and your fingers are sort of down. Yes, bet did west coast is very artsy. This way to this book and can't that's New York thing. Exactly, see and we're artsy out here. It wasn't supposed to do. They have to pick a side or do they get their own? Is there Joe camps? I don't know. No, this'll be an interesting mail or something. How do you get? About on social media. Exactly somebody who Twitter Twitter, whatever they call it to the, you know, I insulted them. I didn't mean to I'm sure in the mid way, I have friends in Oklahoma City. Is that is that midwest? Yeah. Is that like straight straight up midwest? I'm going to say, yes. And some of correct me Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. So I'll have to ask Sarah gutting say, Sarah. How do you guys flip people off? But wait. So you got to you got married pretty quickly like immediately and was how did, you know? So I saw Chris's picture in Rolling Stone magazine. I was sitting with Debra hill. Who wrote the original Halloween and became one of my best girlfriends and Deborah was over at my apartment. I was single. I was sitting in my apartment, and I opened a magazine it was Cindy Lauper on the cover. Exactly, I want to say may nineteen Eighty-four and her skirts going one way. And she's going the other over that cover. Thank you. And I was looking at it. And I flip the page, and there was a picture of of three guys with their arms around each other shoulders just in like a plaid shirt and regular looking guys. And I said out loud to Deborah. Oh. I'm gonna marry him. And I pointed to the guy on the right? And she said, oh who I said that one? She said. Oh, yeah. That's Chris guest. I tried to put him in a movie. I said, oh, yeah. I'm gonna marry him. She said, well, he's with your agent. See, and I was so the next day I called his agent and he picked up the phone. He said, hey, I know all about it. Chris guest. Jamie's looking perplexed. I was embarrassed. I said sorry. He said Debra hill called me. Wow. Said okay. Well, here's my number. I think he's cute. He never called me. What didn't call me? And then I dated somebody else who wanted to date me that didn't end up being a relationship. I took that person to the airport said goodbye to him. I was making the movie perfect. I was doing training. I went and picked up Melanie Griffith and her then husband Steve Bauer in West Hollywood..

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