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And then I've told you this night before I went down cellar with the super Nintendo and back Doritos. And at the end of the summer, I came up and I looked like I do now. Perfect. A Coon turned a butterfly into a Caterpillar. Yeah. Yeah, I was a little blond boy, and I, I was I was picky, but then also I think with a botchy it's like chicken and take. So right thing. I remember about Benny HANA as a kid, even though I'm adventurous issue with eating now I wasn't as a kid, but I would eat anything at any HANA because they kind of throw things at you. Yes. I mean, you're getting like soup and rice salad and well, none of those sound that scary. But like as a kid, I don't know that it would have had like onion mushroom soup, right? Took it down or the shrimp. I don't think I'd ever had shrimp for Benny Hannah like anything that they put on my plate. I was eating and to me it was the best food I've ever had in my life. Right. I didn't wanna we won't up into performance yet, but I'm saying, this is me here, but I remember as a kid getting something tossed in my mouth. That's right. Yeah. I mean, the things you've said today. I know I've been all over the place. I apologize. Yeah, I do remember that to having like a there is well, we, we'll talk about performance later. I whatever I was just jump into Victor. No, it's I, I think I think it's time it's only we got. We gotta talk about this, this visit. That's what this is all about drinks or anything. I we'll get into it. So we'll go chronologically the reservation. I told everyone it was for two. I actually made it for two fifteen knowing that traffic and parking take along. So it actually worked out Mitch landed at nineteen, but it was or maybe, yeah. Yeah, you guys, you guys were fine. And so it wasn't too nineteen. First of all, it was no wasn't. I looked at my phone. I walked through the door. I was late you. I'm here when you parked and then it was like. You're listening to be. I was gonna be credited because going to Santa Monica is trash. And so you do that all the time. Good for you. It's great over their lives. Take so long. It takes very long to get there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I can't believe that you do that trip. I was giving you credit for. It was nice of you guys to make the trek out there because rarely are these restaurants over in my neck of the woods, and it was you know it, it was. It was nice to have you guys come over to to that Senate every day. Wild, the train today. It was delightful. Cute. Okay. So we sat down sat down so they you get a the with our drinks and we'll start there. Mitch for you. You were queued up because of the drink. You order where you got a selection of novelty mug. That's right. And the options were a Buddha, which you ended up going with. Or a baby geisha and I, they said, baby geisha in wider said, please. Maybe. He started crying pounding his fist on the table onto this onto that. Yeah. No, we when he said baby show, we were all like yeast. Two things together. So you got the cute, Buddha, where is it? It's in the backseat of my car..

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