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That's basically very consistent with what a dust devil does. So when you have these kind of little, you know, wind events they that do create kind of low pressure zone around them. You cannot you can measure that curiosities measured those kind of things on its own weather. Stay. As well. And it's it's pretty cool. So is that a good sign for opportunity? Well, we already know that. I mean, if you're mentioning. Insights, very close to curiosity, and we know curiosities already getting quite a bit of wind right now. We haven't seen that same level of active wind weather, you know, the thousands of kilometers to the west that that opportunity is, but it's only a matter of time we've just kinda entered the the windiest part of the year 'cause it's the summer. And so there's lots of heat energy hitting there. So and actually opportunities in pretty, you know, atypically Wendy spies on the slope of this crater and the wind should be shooting up those slow, so I it's in it's best spot. So I'm really watching the next four or five weeks for for up to ninety. I think that's kind of the sweet spot. If we don't hear something by then then start to have sad feelings. I think it's just good. It's a good not only is it a good sign. But I think it's also good for public relations kind of communications to have a registered dust devil on Mars because at. A time where the listening campaign of opportunity was under fire people like you and others were saying, hey, if we wait until these months that we're in now, that's dust devil season to be able to say, look we've already got one here. This is following what our prediction say I feel like that's a good sign if not only for the goodwill that it builds towards the opportunity team being right? It does give us a little hope that we might hear something back pretty soon for the little Rover out there yet will hopefully the Martian Gaza listening to you say that. All right. Forget you out here last little story here the Mars twenty twenty Rover landing site was chosen this following pretty closely over the last what year two years that it's been talking about. Yeah. Couple years now, I think I've been following it. So we've we've picked Jezero crater. Is that correct? Yet started out of myself for a second. Because I remember the delta, and I was like it was it named Delta's something. So what's up with this crater? Tell me do you like it not like it. And what should we be cited about? Yeah. This is my favorite from the beginning. If I'm being totally honest and has I don't wanna take credit for predicting, but I will take credit for predicting it. So this is a pretty exceptional little place on Mars and actually just had a conversation with Tim gouge who is basically the guy who's been leading the charge on the the advocacy of this of this place is pretty pretty known expert in this area. So he taught me a lot about it. And I'm even more jazz than it was before. But basically, you have this crater and us form by some sort of impact event. And then what's special about is that in two spots on the side of the.

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