Donald Trump, Ukraine, Jim Jordan discussed on Phil Valentine


State house Democrats argue that president trump put himself above the country's interest in pressing Ukraine's leader for an investigation of political rivals but at today's impeachment hearing Republican Jim Jordan confirmed with GOP councils deep caster the person who blew the whistle on the president's call needs to be questioned never got to talk to the whistle blowers that right Mister casters right we need to talk to the to the guy who started it all we need to talk to him to figure out who these more than half a dozen people work before the basis of his complaint and we never got to Adam Schiff staff got to in other news Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham says the D. O. J. watchdog report shows that the F. B. I. Russia probe was fundamentally flawed speaking at the capital the South Carolina Republican condemned the F. B. I.'s methods for obtaining warrants to surveil trump campaign aide Carter page I'll be there will be no debate among reform minded people particularly lawyers about how the system not only got off the rails but in my opinion a criminal enterprise crammed said he is not going to accept that politics is not involved because the people who oversaw the probe hate trump's guts happening here at home among number county deputy as non life threatening injuries after a traffic stop in Clarksville this morning led to a high speed chase on I. twenty border leave chronicle newspaper in Clarksville says the chase started just before ten o'clock when a man pulled over by a deputy started biting the deputy the patrol car was stolen and was chase toward now Asheville at speeds topping one hundred twenty miles per hour the chase.

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