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In a season make or break moments, and when you have a top four battle this tight and look I understand everyone's going to favor as united in that match I've grown to trust notch rusting Manchester United every time I think I got them figured out. They do something perplexing I picked Manchester United in this match I just think that that attack is overwhelming. What I didn't anticipate was Chelsea punching them in mouth, and only under sole Shar being so worried about what Frank Lampard would do that. He betrayed what got him to the dance? I didn't understand it. This is a manager that's been starting the same starting eleven famously now since a restart. Away from that and I know that he already did the Josie Marina move of planting the seeds of well. It's unfair. They've had two more matches Razan. I appreciate. The Gamesmanship I I'm from the school. Marino I get it, but most people were picking Manchester United in this match. You couldn't help but pick Manchester United, not just on recent form, but in their matchups recently they've absolutely own. Chelsea I am so stoked. They did this without politic. They did this without Colo content. Hopefully they are back mid week against Liverpool, but let us concentrate a little bit more on this match. Starting Eleven, we go to a back three that three five hybrid with Alonzo and Reese James on the wings. We haven't really seen reese James in this role because he hasn't been fit the time set frank, Lampard called on it restrains. Going forward is a revelation, not just. Just the crosses, but he had some attempts on goal. That were quite impressive to Heya was there to Heya Oh my God. How're oh? Oh, we'll talk about Mesa Mount in a second, but let us praise reese James deservedly so Chris. How do you rate this performance from one reese James? It was sensational and I agree that maybe the system you've got to fullback slash wingbacks that might be better in the system, which is why you might see it more because you talk all the time about Marcus Alonzo being better in this kind of setup, although he didn't make his impact felt, we generally know that's where he's better and I think reese James allows him to not really have to focus so. So much on the distribution aspects of it, and it's not quite as defensive focused as traditional fullback position would be, and you're right just threw himself. About was great in the pressing getting into those areas to measure crosses and shots as well. I just felt like he did. It was a very little things kind of performance. We talk all the time about his opportunities to get assists and create chances, but it was very little. Things win the ball off of man united players make them uncomfortable and keep possession moving in a way that we just haven't seen from recent restart so I agree with you a lot of plaudits and social media and well-deserved yet. There's been some talk maybe Reece's place in. In the squad is in so settled given how this performances have been as of late, but we keep hammering those crosses or all world. You can't just take that for granted and today. He showed you his own versatility. There has been some talk of even just putting him as a defensive midfielder Frank Lampard on values, versatility and malleability because he himself as a manager does that he's not married to a certain system. He's just married to winning Chris. Let's talk about the handsome man. The handsome man that Mike Golic do near dub so the lesson. Let's be honest. Michael Junior didn't invent calling ligation. Rueda handsome man. He's been called that for the better part of thirty years, but the handsome man. Totally changes. The complexion came Chris you and I thought for sure this would be a first forty five minutes of to teens feeling each other out new formations..

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