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Dead air and then he just unloads like a sermon just like just drops a homily on the air now it sounds very picky yes it was very it was a very glenn beck mall i'm just totally flummoxed here gimme a second all right let me channel my inner augusta and just drop it right here that was a really cool moment you'll want to watch today crtv dot com promo code dais is how you can subscribe to crtv and that will get you a discounted subscription that doesn't just give you access to our show but every show we do here each and every day at crtv including the great one mark levin michelle malkin steven crowder and more crtv dot com promo code dais are gentlemen let's get to it it is theology thursday and i have been anxious to tackle this topic i mean i love doing this podcast every week anyway but i've been chomping at the bit on this one ever since i saw this tweet while i was on of a movie shoot vacation with our oldest daughter we had some fun with it earlier this year i would i would have been disappointed if you had not okay this is a tweet from former republican presidential nominee massachusetts governor and likely future us senator mitt romney the day of the official announcement that the us will recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and formalize that relationship by moving our embassy there and mitt romney tweeted the following and i quote robert jefferson says you can't be saved by being a jew and mormonism is a heresy from the pit of hell he said the same about islam such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the united states embassy in jerusalem.

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