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NPR news in Washington, I'm Windsor Johnston. President Trump continues his campaign swing across the nation in a final push to drum up support for Republicans ahead of next Tuesday's midterms. He's scheduled to hold campaign events in Montana, Indiana, and Florida this week NPR's timber Keith reports Trump will rally supporters in Missouri tonight. President Trump has made it his mission to help defeat democratic senators running for re election in states. He won and sixteen including Missouri. He will make one more stop there on Monday. The last in what will be an intense four days of campaigning to rallies a day on Friday Saturday and Sunday and three on Monday. His themes are now familiar hitting hard on immigration bashing the press and Democrats by Trump's own account. He expects GOP Senate candidates will fare well on Tuesday. But. When it comes to the house. He says Republicans are just doing okay, he is largely focusing his efforts in these final days and helping Senate and gubernatorial candidates tamra, Keith NPR news, Washington. The suspect charged in the deadly shooting at a Pennsylvania's synagogue has pleaded not guilty on Lee herring from member station. W reports Robert Bowers appeared in federal court today, this was Robert Bowers second court date since the Saturday attack that left eleven dead and six injured. He wore a red jumpsuit him was represented by two public defenders during the ten minute hearing. Prosecutors read the forty four charges against him and told him he could face the death penalty. The suspect did not make eye contact with the attorneys, but appear to listen intently, a grand jury charged him Wednesday with fatally preventing the free exercise of religion in committing firearms. Offenses the government said in a complaint filed the night of the shooting that the accused gunman made antisemitic statements during the attack the. Cases, set to go to jury trial for NPR news. I'm only herring in Pittsburgh. Open. Enrollment begins today for healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act NPR's. Alison kodjak reports the program is stable this year, despite the Trump administration's efforts to weaken it the Trump administration lower reduce the enrollment period about six weeks from last year, and those are the states that are on the federal marketplace, some states have their own marketplaces and those have longer enrollment periods. But most analysts say they're expect to see a similar level of enrollment in states where there's longer enrollment periods and more marketing, like California or New York, they're are likely to see maybe an uptick NPR's. Alison kodjak reporting open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act ends on December fifteenth at last check on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average was up two hundred sixty four points. The NASDAQ composite up one twenty eight the S and P five hundred up to. Twenty eight. This is NPR news. Good afternoon. It's one oh four. I'm Eric Roy with California headlines from KCRW an antelope valley woman and her boyfriend have pleaded not guilty to torturing and murdering her ten year old son. Prosecutors say twenty nine year old Heather butter on and twenty thirty two year old cream labor of Lancaster entered their pleas yesterday after they were indicted by Los Angeles County grand jury little Anthony Abbas died in June after baron called nine one one to report that her son had fallen down the stairs. Authorities say heat endured five or six days of sustained abuse. Anthony's aunt Maria baron tells channel seven she hopes the DA throws the book at her sister. And Anthony was so mazing in. No, he's looking down on us right now. Smiling because he knows that Justice is coming but Ronin lavar facing a pretrial hearing in early December. That's when a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to order them to stand trial. That's also when prosecutors are expected to announce whether they'll seek the death penalty, California prison officials are disputing a whistle blowers report that accuses them of abusing inmates who need psychiatric care. It says inmates with serious emotional problems may go for months without seeing a psychiatrist and often go without their medications, the whistle blowers. Dr Michael golden the prison systems chief psychiatrist he also accused accuses printed in prison managers of hiding the abuse from a federal monitor overseeing the prisons and from lawyers representing inmates. One of those lawyers. Michael Biehn says Dr Goldens report is a bombshell his view, the mental health care system was operating way below any standard at a dangerous way for patient safety. California Department correction spokesman disputes that saying prison brass had worked closely with the courts..

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