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Bengals. Since I've been here. Deserve to be back. I don't talk about my job. We got the point Todd Bowles. We got the point. He doesn't talk about it and say though, he's been asked pretty much majority of the season. But here's my question. You said Bobby it was a rebuilding year for the New York Jets got their rookie quarterback. They're putting things together. Trying to put things in motion to be put things in motion to be. So if you're in a rebuilding your wife fire your coach when I hear something like that. Don't you think that maybe it's internal with the Browns? Right. They have they have a better team. They have a better roster. It's a rebuilding year for them technically further kosher actually got better and there because there were internal issues. So my question is is that the same thing that's going on with the New York Jets? I'm actually going to ask you to hold that thought. Because in the Sunday night game we have an update from Brant Douglas who's at that Colin titans game. Hey, thanks, a lot surgical first offense of dry for the colts. Andrew luck seven of eight passing for eighty seven of the ninety two yards on the drive. He counted off with a an eleven yard touchdown pass to Dontrelle Inman, just picking apart the heightened secondary left and right eye looked very simple, exit luck similarly, freidy seven and those passes going to five different receivers already. So we're six thirty nine left to go in the first quarter and a coal strike. I seven nothing over the title. He carved them up like a thanksgiving Turkey. I love I love how he said surgical. It was. I mean, I'm watching that Mike. My goodness. Andrew luck is putting the ball, right? Where he wants it. There's no pressure on him. He's throwing the football with great accuracy. Great. Anticipation course, moved right up and down the field. They did a great job with getting the first score. I thought Tennessee at a decent shot at winning this game. That was with Marcus mariota healthy starting at quarterback. Once I realized that wasn't going to happen. It's going to be uphill battle for the Vikings. They're going to have to find a way to move. The football is trying to choose some clock and not let interlock have very much because their defense is going to be on skates. If he has the ball for the majority of this game, and you mentioned Marcus mariota. And if I can give you a stat Blaine gabbert one of two for two yards. That's not good. That's not that's not a playoff three and out. And so they're going to have to move the football for nothing else to take some heat off their defense. Give them a break. Try to flip field position. Like, I don't think this is a game that if the colts gets above twenty four points. The titans have really much shot of winning. At all because their offense without Marcus mariota is an explosive Blaine gabbert, isn't that type of quarterback? They're gonna rely on trying to pound the football. Derrick Henry, the problem is the colts have one of the best. Rush defense is in the NFL. And Blaine gabbert, no matter how great your mustaches tonight sermon you would say Young Sam Elliot out there. They're gonna need a little more than that to be able to put points on the board. Absolutely. And going back to the discussion about Todd Bowles. I mean my question for you was when we know that it's a rebuilding year. And you still see you not take a chance on your coach into the next year. You let them go. The question raises the question is there an internal issue. I think there was an issue with the offense coordinator Todd wanted to run the ball more. They wanted to do some different things. And I think it was just kind of disjointed. I don't know if you spend as much time with the offense as he should. And sometimes that is that's one of the drawbacks is the first time head coach, he's a defensive guy guys, really good. And I think he may be spent more time with the defense. Maybe wasn't quite as involved in the offense. It was trusting and said, hey, this is what we're gonna do. You'll be changed offensive coordinators over his tenure there and thought okay, I think we're headed in the right direction, and I don't necessarily feel confident that the offense was cohesive while they're there and they're on the same plan as their head coach trying to get. It done like they didn't have a lot of weapons. That's one hundred percent certain. They didn't have a whole lot to work with you look at that jets offense. There's not a lot of players of note. They're young they're getting a little bit better. But it's not like they have Pro Bowl is littered all up and down that offense who would be a good fit in that spot. Can you think they need offense? Okay. Think of Mike McCarthy. I don't. The biggest Mike McCarthy fan in the world. I don't think he would be a bad choice. I think he could do some good things with Sam darnold. He'd stabilize that position. But they were the team, but they would also need to draft wall in the offensive side of the ball to give him weapons to work with like, I don't think you necessarily need an offense offense of coach to have great offense. You seem to have a head coach that understands it. He can be on the defensive side of the ball. And then make sure he has a great offensive coordinator. Greg Williams is defensive coach. They're really right now. Freddie kitchens. And that's why they're able to move the football. There's a lot of teams that have defensive head coach Pete Carroll's historically defensive head coach, but Brian Schottenheimer someone who's not getting talked a lot about up in Seattle. He's done a great job with that often. Always find a way to work Seattle back into the conversation. Bob papa. In my mind shot that gunman is really chops. It. The playoffs at the two Packer, man. You Trump that thing all day? All right coming up next. We're gonna talk about the NFC and the saints. We already know have home field advantage. But can anyone in the NFC beat them? We'll discuss that coming up on football frenzy. You're listening to us on the ESPN radio and the ESPN app..

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Football, Todd Bowles, Blaine Gabbert discussed on WGR Programming

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