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By. You Wish you could sex? I love this song like he was pointing stuff next days function. All right, joining us now? Well, you're listening to him. Young M C joins us on Katya er he's going to do the halftime show for the sun Stop you Young m c sub. Get us and shit. How you doing, man? I've listened to you guys. I know who you are. No, I know what you do. So it's all good. Now you know what I do you? Actually you actually listen to this show Young M c, not not daily, but, um, you know, so I didn't know lie like that. But I didn't listen to you from time to time. And you guys, you guys, you guys are fun and your thought provoking. Thanks, man. Wow. Well, I'm both of those and there's ghettos. So that's all that really matters. Yeah. So 1989. That song comes out your life changes like that You get a Grammy awards where? Where's your Grammy? By the way. It is in a box in my studio room. I've taken it out, like once or twice to make my, uh, my zoom background height because I have my plan and records of my zoom background so I want I want to give it to actually touch I put the Grammy on top of something. So somebody who's staring is like Oh, no, that's a grandee out there. So Yeah, I did the same thing. I take out my Grammys and Emmys, right when I want to make everything Hi. Hey. How long have you been living in Scottsdale? I have been here since. How can I was the mayor of Oh, six. Alright. Yeah. So, so 50 15 years I'm close to being a native. So you've been a sunshine either lighter skin. So when I moved that some man that son So you've been a Suns fan since you got here and and you know you you've watched this team and now you get to now you get to go and play the halftime show. That's awesome. Yeah, I mean, man, I won't lie. I grew up in New York. I spent 20 years in l A. So you know, the New York stuff never leaves your blood. You know, so I was watch my New York teams, but but I've grown into being a son span and they And the Cardinals fan, so it's been cool. So when did when did the sun's contact you and say Young, M c? You gotta come and hang out with us and played halftime. Okay, we're going to take you into the I'm going to take you into the sausage making. I love it. You've been talking. We have been talking about me doing a half time since the Nuggets series. Okay, but the sons have been too good. So they sweep the Nuggets. They don't get back here for Game five. So there's nothing not to do or game. I guess it was. Yes, it was too. So like it would have been Game six. Okay, so there was no game six. Then they talked about Game seven of the Clippers series, and they wanted in six. So now you know, I looked out and they got it for Game one here, but I've been in touch for a few weeks. And I did. I did a regular season have time for them A couple of years ago, like three years ago, did you? I've done quite a few NBA and several NFL half times as well. Did you do the Cardinals recently? Did the Cardinals. Hold on a second GT GT. When did I do the Cardinals? 18 or 17? That I did the Cardinals against the Cowboys being Montell Jordan? I forget what year was I was either it was either, too. Yes, I think it's 2018 Remember that. I remember that Montel like that? Yeah. Yeah. So are you Are you literally as I had to walk from the center of the In the center of the field while doing lyrics. And I think the amendment, the gym and everything like that. But that's a lot of steps, dude trying to do that on beat 170 beats a minute all you know. Yeah, you know, young M C middle age EMC, as were saying earlier, So trust me. I'm all what you get You get one of those jokes. Okay? I got funny. Don't worry that we're going to move up. And then after that, all of a sudden my signal gets bad and I gotta go. I gotta go. That's okay. Just remember. My name is gay does no no, no, not talking to young M C is going to be performing halftime today. So are you kind of excited, though they got through the series. Sorry. Masked. No no vermin to see my friends. I ran into Katie Rammell. I haven't seen Katie Ramelan years and and just to see her and how happy she was. She's broadcasting from here. We stopped taking Selfie. She puts it up on her social media, and I thought, you know, it's a big deal. She's an anchor and I've known I've known her literally. Over a dozen years here and and it's you know, just to see how happy my friends are, Um, and the people that are in media how happy they are. It's It's really It's really cool, let alone the athletes. You know, Because look, I travel all the time in 2016. I did 110 shows and out of those 100 intentions may be Four or five of them, Whether we're in driver within driving distance of my house, everything is out of town out of town, Sky Harbor, so to be able to come to something local, knowing that I've been here through the ups and downs this team for the last decade plus It's just It's really cool, you know? So I'm looking. I'm looking forward to putting on a good one for the people here tonight. Young M C is joining us. He's going to be the halftime show at the Sun's game. Obviously a bus to move huge hit in 1998 No 1989 1989 1989 There you go. 1989 Uncle Buck. It was an Uncle Buck Go! That goes with this Alexia 98. He tried to kill himself by running the back of the bus. That's right. That's what he did. He was that that song wasn't Uncle Buck. I love that. Yeah, Yeah. Yes, I still get royalties from that. Nice evidently. Well, God, I forget the name of the director, but he was a He was a fan of the label and a fan of the music. And so it was busted move, and the flip side got more rhymes as they're not moving. And I still say, Well, these from that. That is nice. Do you? Uh, Do you have a do you? Do you have a personal relationship with any of the Suns players? Do you know any of them or no? Not really Not really. I'm not out. You know, I'm with my girl and I'm home. And if I'm not home that I'm on the road or, you know, hopefully getting back in the studio, so I'm really not out as much as I was, you know, years ago when I was first year I would like when, whenever, like Plumley was playing. I'd see him in places and a couple of guys out of clothes, But I really don't go out as much. So you know, unless they're going to be shopping in my target, I'm not gonna run into one. Hey, uh, young M c. We're talking to go and see tonight the halftime show going to rock it. He's going to bust a move for everybody, not just the valley but nationwide. You see the young kids now who get into the music and your music?.

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