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No one is allowed on the National Mall for starters under protection by tens of thousands of National Guard troops. But much will be the same WBC's Drew Mulholland tells US music will help us here in the new president, Lady Gaga J. Lo jt, all coming out for Joe Biden. Today it will be a star power event. Less like the one President Trump got and more like the one president Obama got at his inaugural When Pete Seeger brought it home with this land is your land he was, You know, it was it was moving because Pete had had such a long and storied career. Taking a look back that singer songwriter Tom Rush of Rockport who tells me for someone in his line of work, that was such a cool moment back in 2000. Nine, watching Seeger on the Capitol steps. I didn't know him as well as I would have liked. We are past crossed many times. As for pandemic life for him, Rush tells me he actually got Cove it and is doing okay after some symptoms, But he misses performing. Of course, of course, I think that's you know, that's what keeps a lot of performers going. For. Now he's embracing the virtual music life. True. Mulholland WBC. Boston's news radio. It's 9 38. Wall Street is open. Now on a very active day. Let's check on the numbers with Bloomberg business. Here's Tom Busby. Well, Jeff solid gains on Wall Street so far this morning ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration and expectations of more stimulus money. Right now. The Dow up 124 points the NASDAQ Up 167. It's on pace for a record closing high. The S and P 525 now shares of Netflix. That's what's giving the NASDAQ a real lift. They are up 14.5% right now, easily topping earnings estimates for last quarter. And now has 200 million global subscribers, despite competition from Apple, Disney and others. Shares of General Motors of 10% on Tuesday up another 2%, right now to a fresh all time high have to getting $2 billion in funding from Microsoft that's for its self driving taxi unit called Cruz. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg Business on WBZ. Boston's news radio. Did you hit the lottery last night? Well, no one did piles of cash and no one seems to want its details coming up. It's 9 39. You.

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