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It's Monday July, thirteenth I'm Mary Regalado, and here's your local news from the Los Angeles Times. Today will be mostly sunny and warm with a high around ninety degrees and a low of sixty four. Our top story, a three alarm fire on board, a US Navy FIBIA assault ship docked in San Diego injured seventeen sailors and four civilians yesterday morning, multiple agencies battled the blaze throughout the day, but the cause and location of the blaze, as well as the extent of damage were not known as of yesterday afternoon, meanwhile, according to a statement from naval surface forces in San Diego. The seventeen sailors and four civilians were sent to a hospital with non life, threatening injuries, furthermore, according to the Navy one hundred sixty sailors aboard the ship, and they have all been evacuated and are accounted for. In crime, News, three Los Angeles. Police officers were charged Friday with falsifying records and obstructing justice by claiming that people they stopped, were gang members or associates without evidence, the charges come several months after the LAPD was rocked by allegations that officers falsely portrayed people as gang members or associates on field interview cards. The three officers are also members of the elite Metro Lapd Unit which has repeatedly come under scrutiny for its tactics. More than twenty officers remained under investigation. None of the officers have remained on the street. One has been recommended for removal though the department will not say which and to have been suspended. In other news yesterday investigators were continuing to search for the cause of a fire that erupted at the San Gabriel mission early Saturday morning. The fire destroyed the roof and much of the interior of the two hundred fifteen year, old church building, and by yesterday morning the team had finished combing through the scene. Investigators are also reviewing video from a security camera that was pointed at an area where statue of Francis can father.

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