Frederic Hudson, White Paper, Frederick discussed on Planet Money - #610: The Prisoner's Solution


Some guys go to prison and they work out a lot massive biceps but remember frederic hudson was the businessman so he would spend all this time in the prison library writing business plans so i spin every day writing random whatever i'd be even if it was even possible feasible algae's write a plan for it i would write how went to build it outright who i went to hire i met whitecollar guys and i would be showed me how to write financial models and we would get paper taken together white paper i bet get rulers andrle lines make a spreadsheet my hand like physical papers direct yet it right so it was a tedious process but had time to do it he was doing what entrepreneurs do great he'd pick a problem and figure at a solution but as the days went on frederick realized the biggest problems that needed solving were actually all around inside this jail looked at from a business perspective prison was actually an unexploited gold mine exploded look at planet money of robert smith and i'm steve have today on the show a businessman goes to prison and decides he is going to disrupt the largest captive market in the world support for planet money and the following message come from rocket mortgage by quicken loans rocket mortgage gives you confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan with rocket mortgage you can apply simply and understand all the details so you can mortgage confidently to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash money equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states nmlsconsumeraccess dot org number thirty thirty.

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