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Corey and his printing press off the train at the very next stop by sixteen he was working for the railroad again enduring that time another innovation caught his attention the telegraph to legacy was the newest and sexiest technology of the time it used electrical and magnetic devices to sending coded messages along telegraph wires and across vast distances the public flocked to it edison just knew that he had to be a part of that but how was he going to get someone to teach him to operate the systems he was learning morse code on his own the system of dots and dashes that are substitutes for letters of the alphabet but getting instruction on how to work the machines was another matter fate stepped in when edison was doing odd jobs at a railway station he happened to notice a toddler who had wandered into the path of a runaway boxcar he saved the child in the nick of time the boy's father james mackenzie was the railway station agent and he gratefully offered to teach at us in the field of telegraphy as thanks for saving his son began his career as a telegragh i soon after while at the same time experimenting with the systems and thinking up improvements it was also about this time that edison had a very close call that might have ended his entire career and landed him in jail or worse edison was working the night shift for the grand trunk railway and on tario canada he was eager to show off a new invention telegraphic device that sent all clear or stop signals to passing trains because edison was working all day on experiments and all night for the railroad he fell asleep and failed to activate the device a train soon roared through the station without being warned of an oncoming locomotive when edison awoke and realized his awful mistake he ran after the train on foot but fell into a ditch and was knocked out luckily the engineer.

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