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Lost another 338 points. One automaker's EV sales have quadrupled. I'm Jeff Klebold. It's four 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, let's get back to Dave in the traffic center. In Virginia on I 66 westbound from centerville to Gainesville. It's a very slow trip again this afternoon between manassas X's 47 and 44, only three lanes get by for the next week until that segment of the express lanes open with tolls from setter hill, the left future express lanes are much slower, better just to stick with the main lanes toward Gainesville. The Friday traffic on I 95 in Virginia, no worse this hour than a normal Friday evidence that for most of the travelers that were getting away, the getaway is in the rearview mirror. Volume certainly still a factor, but the delays are much less intense. Southbound through Stafford county, a northbound towards Springfield heavy on the outer loop from van dorn to the Wilson bridge on the interloop from one 23 across the legion bridge on Georgetown pike and George Washington park when nearby into Washington on three 95 north. It's slow with at the foot of the 14th street bridge, the broken down metro bus with the highway help trucks and only two left lanes going inbound on the main span. We had crashes earlier in the hour and late last hour, DuPont circle, Connecticut avenue, southbound, deer, California street, ten lay town, cathedral heights, Wisconsin avenue, Rodman street, and in northeast a crash on Rhode Island avenue, eastbound, near second northeast, that one might be clear by now. D.C. two 95 heavy both ways along the at Acosta, Maryland, outer loop, heavy, and very slow. From branch avenue, passed Pennsylvania avenue at exit 13, Richie Marlboro road the crash is still blocking the left lane on the outer loop. At on Reggie Marlborough road, a crash is still backing up traffic between White House road and Brown road and en route four southbound traffic leaving the beltway is slow, rounding off suitland Parkway and toward the response to a crash at dower house road. 50 eastbound, heavy through Annapolis toward the severan river, a little slow stepping off the Chesapeake and the western shore on the bay bridge. But slowest on the eastern shore, eastbound on 50 from the three O one split toward the remains of a crash after Carmichael road, where it last report, it was still a single file getting by. Let Nvidia Keras off and all of their reseller partners support your agency's yearend IT needs with Keras offs federally focused 24/7 assistance. Learn more at count on Kara soft dot com. Dave dildine WTO traffic. Thank you, Dave. We've got a live weather report now with Mike Stein, Mike, how long is this nice weather going to last us? We're going to start to see the humidity creep up a little bit tomorrow and by Sunday. It's going to be around the muggy

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