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Crews in colona bc. Were trying to dismantle a construction crane but yesterday it came tumbling down leaving at least four dead and leaving the tight knit community in shock at a building construction site on monday morning. The upper portion of a yellow crane smashed through a neighboring office building. And a senior's home. The say they believe. The crane operator is among the four confirmed dead a fifth person. Who's working in the office. Building next door is presumed dead. Tracy johnson works at a jewelry store. A block away. We reached her in downtown. Colona tracy can you take me back to yesterday morning. When did you realize that something not right was happening outside. Well it was about ten forty five. I was working at my desk. Hurt very very loud sound Louder than anything. We'd heard come from the construction site. Sound like a huge loaded being dropped But it was very quickly followed by what i would imagine. A major earthquake felt like and Yeah we realized right away the direction where the sound was coming from was probably the Building site went running down the hallway to get out into the back lane and saw billows dust coming from the construction site. As you ran outside what could you see. I come down along interior hallway and it was just reminiscent of nine eleven with the Billows of dust that were being raised. Of course we didn't know what it was from. If it was part of the building or not. At least i. I couldn't see because there was so much dust and then as it cleared you could see. The building was still standing but wreckage of the crane was going through The building that was next to the building that was being built and in the The area that was still to be built upon your does you could see that it came down and it hit the two story building right next to the high rise. You're describing being next to that construction site. How close were you to the collapse. We're in the next block. So i i'm in a little Strip off separated by street to the building site. You whipped out your phone at that point and started taking some some photos and video. Can you describe what actually at that point and had the phone in my hand i had to run back into the store and come back out because you know it was just such a shocking event to even see and once realize something like that happen came got the phone went running down taking pictures and unwittingly You know taking a picture of the crane and there was a worker actually climbing down the interior of the crane at that point. Now there's a film clip all over the internet of the worker shimmying across the beam. And you know that point. We were all just shocked. It was similar to watching a movie. You just You know everybody's just praying and just think. Wow can you believe it. Oh my gosh you know what is going on and look at him. He's going cross and we just collectively hold our breath and let out a sigh of relief when we saw him. Climb onto the deck of the building. How were people reacting in the street. Well we were basically wandering around in shock. At that point the first responders arrived and the building site itself is it. You know contained by fencing. And you know we didn't know whether or not to run in there. We could see a lot of the construction crew was on the ground. There were alarms going. You know we could hear the sirens approaching from the distance and an onsite alarm was going and here biddy yelling. You know as a bystander. You you don't know where it's appropriate to jump in. What kind of damage could you see had been done to the buildings around. Well we could see the Crane was collapsed on the ground and so once he left our lane. Maybe walk down the side street. You know maybe a hundred feet or so. We could see that the crane had actually crashed through the building right next to it. There's a two story professional building and it helps you know lawyer's offices. I believe there's a home builder in there and some home design offices and it had gone right through the end right from the top to the bottom. You could see that being destroyed you work in that area tracy. No some of the people that work in those buildings. Have you heard from the well. That was the concern. Is that building. We knew We have some good clients within that building and we do know that a client has lost an employee that was in the building must be incredibly difficult. That five people have been killed and others were injured. What kind of impact does it have on people in a place where everybody knows everybody well. It's a tight knit community especially downtown. A lot of us have worked here for decades. There's a of new construction going on and it's exciting. Colona is a very vibrant beautiful city. And we're excited for its growth and everything that brings so something like this is just very unnerving and shattering. You know we're praying out in the street. I mean and not just for the people in the accident but for the first responders. There's a lot of people that were just rose to the occasion very quickly. The police were here very quick The ambulance services the the fire and rescue they were just right on it so quickly and it made you proud to see that it made you sound and to see such a tragedy happening Scared for for our community clients and friends that are going to be experiencing loss. It's going to affect the community for a while. Everybody's very excited to see the building. That's being built a beautiful building right in the center of downtown. And it's gonna be awesome for the city that little development that they're doing and what a shame that this is happened. You mentioned that the collapse of the crane was was completely unexpected What are you hoping to find out in in the coming days. I guess everybody is curious about what went wrong was it a fulton and how it was being taken down. Was it a fault. Maybe in how it was set up. I mean we just don't know the circumstances of what caused it you know and the concern for the people that are being lost and their family and as a community. How are we going to be able to support them. And and and probably the shock for bystanders. Like us you know. Later on and a couple of weeks you'll be reflecting it hits you hard. How fragile and precious life is and you know lot of times. It's just luck and circumstance and being in the right place at the right time versus wrong place at the wrong time tracy. Thank you so much for telling us about it. You're welcome take care you too tracey. Johnson works at a jewelry store in colona be seem a block away from crane collapse that smashed through to neighboring buildings and left at least four people dead. We reached.

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