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Just a fantastic book by Neville. Now, as the criticism justified by Phil Neville, absolutely. He mentioned it's poor, it lacks elite. It's amateur hour. It's really what it is. Who's wagging the dog? It's a damning statement. Who's leading who here? Who's calling the shots is what he's asking? Is it the league office? Or is it Apple? Now, that's a valid question. Is it Apple? And if it is Apple, how much of a say should Apple have? Apple's coughing up $250 million a year. $250 million a year, they want to recoup that in some way. How do you do that? Well, games that you can televise. It is amateur hour if you expect these players, these teams to play a best of three series. These rumors we've been hearing. First round, best of three, it's trying to americanize the world's game in the most negative type of way. When people abroad see this, hear this, look at this, it justifies every negative thought they had about Americans in the game. When really it's businessmen trying to make money. Yeah. It's an insult to the fan and how sophisticated they are today to believe that they would be okay with this to the players and the players union and to people like Phil Neville because when you start a game, let's take a board game, for example. What's the most important thing to know? The rules and regulations. The circumstances surrounding said things like flu on your cheat playing clue. Everything. Everything. You need to know what you're getting into. And listen, season starts this weekend. He's right. Number one, a lot of people are taking the, is it Apple quote, right?

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