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Can't get your screenplay okay well darn does then I guess we won't have much to talk about yeah way to go staff yeah things off of Brian your long game Brian I see why he wrote the piece of the Stephanie Miller yes I was I have a screenplay about a radio show host will the not to think of a different nature okay I mean some things I knew that he went to Stanford and course Harvard law which I was on full display this week but he he was a fire of a force for fire fire for awhile before he was Smokey bear yeah in the forest for spider by writer yeah bouffant odds on you know it's one thing that didn't make it into the piece which I wish it had he also which is filled with Matt Big Brother program I mean back when using it is twenty seven so he has there's a young man now ideally graduate who Adam should now that's called him his brother and they're really close and is just you know it's just another sign like that you know all through Adams background at you know I just found the nugget of things that show as early yeah well I mean it is so interesting he literally is like putting up a forest fire in America right now right I and also you another before we go Brian another interesting fun fact I learned from you which is also magical full circle you set it on after your law firm he learned as a prosecutor with the LA branch of the US attorney's office there in every bit of foreshadowing shift made his bones prosecuting the F. B. I. agent name Richard Miller who was accused of selling secrets to the Soviets right he he secured the first ever espionage conviction against an FBI agent I mean wow what an interesting from full circle thing ABS absolutely and that in that story is interesting you dispel prosecutor back about how he still you know he was he was still young prosecutor time ship was and how he stood up to the judge in a very respectful way but basically yeah and you know he won that conviction when I think two or three other prosecutors in the office couldn't there was a you know hung jury and it starts at our a and should got it done so it was certainly foreshadowing and he is such a great poker face and I thought he was kidding the first time he told me his wife's name is eve but you confirm that they are out of many children can enable that we too funny yeah okay so you know I know Adam and eve I know and he is now of course like us you know those those but anyway one fantastic please we've linked to it Brian Smith fantastic writer piece for Ellie magazine we we will we put it up there with posted it at your Facebook page and that your Twitter and he's confirm it like Adam Schiff they're both using me to get to rob Reiner with the long revealed and all right all right good luck with your screenplay goodbye thanks Brian all right there he goes Brian Smith all right to top this one isn't Chris it's not moving it so people can see it all there we go maybe we should put this up again the resistance over Los fieles basement Stephanie Miller's rowing of millions of Americans against trump is a publication even still it's not important now well can you put a link to it because weekly I reminded all forty nine minutes after the hour this portion of the Stephanie Miller show by you but don't worry I'm telling you they are Fred is a huge point all he's returned twelve years the new year's day and that's for a giant breed yeah that's what does he do Shawn he does the pogo stick yeah he does the part he literally bounces up and down when I take the farmers talk out because body years he's been important count brown kill all right yeah okay farmers don mills made from fresh meat veggies no wondering what's in my dogs but I can actually see it right and I I all I identify them for Fred they like when I tell them sometimes I like to do separately I'll be like garbanzo bean finished and what I'm saying it's the turret okay he nods good I like that okay you don't over under feeding because it's.

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