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Vain specific meat and potatoes like paramount. Plus t is like viacom shit right yes it's got my next college hale like the real world and the girls right but then you'll go again. Most of the time you'll pop into a julia popular netflix. Private school disney plus then. And it'll be like so weird my wife and kids whatever stranger and it'll be of the seasons you pop into the real world on on paramount pleasant it's like seasons one two three then eight and nine then fourteen fifteen then twenty two twenty four like where's coral now. I'm too okay. So like i said fully feel you I just have two quick things to address this week. And then i will be ready to go first of all for those of you Fans of england godforsaken reason Decided to be upset at the black people who play for their soccer team for losing. Yes they did on sunday And it was probably the first time in my life that i can remember like black people specifically like missing the goals and whitey making them in like if the black people have made them. Perhaps things would have turned out differently. This is my first time like witnessing that same time in any booth. That's exactly what you get england. You fucking colonizing piece of shit ruined the goddamn glow bitch. I'm supposed to feel sorry for you. I don't but immediately my heart went out to those black people. Because i knew first of all like american born and raised. I know how terrible these white people are in these white people came from them. Britishness so i already know. The white people over there are like a thousand times worse at the core than the way we over here because they beget the knicks over here. They got this shit from y'all and sure enough like not ninety seconds after it was over even though like his white teammates came incompetent him after he missed that kick and even though everybody know. Hashtag allegedly came out to support the black players marcus. Radford jadon sancho and bouquet osaka Even though you know they allegedly said the right things of course. It was a firestorm of racism. Because of course this how y'all act of core shell was immediately gome result to the absolute worst of the racist. Things you could say because that is how. Y'all act anytime you feel like magazine. Don't deliver on the sporting thing that you care so much about anytime you don't win. Actually you're gonna find a way to blame the people who probably had released to do with it overall. I mean and also like. I get that this is an important thing. Y'all care a lot about soccer. Probably the same way we care about basketball or american football but like girl in the grand scheme of things. I do not care you. Expect me to shed tears for europe. Like this is a game. Between england and italy two countries that are in your so first of all like i'm automatically already running low on the ability to give a shit and then you talking about italy. That had a bunch of players. Like throwing banana peels are fans throwing banana peel players and calling them monkeys and all this other racist shit and england literally being england and having colonize most of the globe and being proud of it bitch really supposed to cheer for either one of y'all i don't fucking thing so i don't feel bad for y'all as a country i understand y'all's individual killings a heart and that's fine but you expect me to shed tears for england bitch. It's literally never going to happen. And my second read. This week goes out to stephen smith. Of course that can never live up to my beauty angry. He could never like honestly yeller peers in an industry conway but he could never do you do And it definitely showed on monday so stephen. A smith if you don't know is allowed to spout his opinions on television. This is a mistake. But you know it's a mistake that espn continues to make and will probably continue to make here now but He was speaking about A mister shohei. Yes shohei ohtani. I wanna make sure. I pronounce his name correctly. He is a japanese born man who plays for The la what is that team. Oh my god. What is the best baseball team in los. Angeles dodgers snuggle. No it's not the dodgers he plays for the angels. I'm so sorry all the angels fans are gonna like be my ass but what the fuck is with. Los angeles is there. Some sort of west side. Say have like two or three teams.

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