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To visitors bring people back in. Serving them give him in place together. It just feels great in if a director Matthew Teitelbaum says they're opening up museum in phases with a number exhibits on display being shut down and witnessing some of the events of 2020 allowed the FAA to pivot and focus on the issues surrounding communities. Today, when a visitor comes in, the first thing they'll see is black history back futures, which is really remarkable. Exhibition organized primarily from our collection by a group of youth from Boston, Gen. Paul in missed taking her 11 year old daughter, Meena to the museum. Meena is part of the young, a Spectrum program I tear up when I talk about it. It's just It's such an important part of our family. The museum is requiring visitors to register online and when they arrive, they will be screened. At the door. The town of Fair Haven, reopening the fort Phoenix, Konica Neck and West Island beaches this morning. As long as there are no further shark sightings in the area. There was a sighting off Hacker Street Beach yesterday. Forcing police to shut down the beaches for the day. There haven't been any sighting since the Fair Haven harbor Master will patrol the area this morning just to make sure the waters are safe for swimming. And for voting. Now let's head north hunting season in full swing up, nor the annual moose huntin Mane is about to get started in some parts of the state on Monday, mostly in the far north and down east regions. The moose Hunt takes place in several short stretches, and this one ends on October 3rd. While the moose hunt is just getting started. The bear hunt is starting to wind down Saturday was the last day mane allows hunters to use traps to lure bears The hunt last until late November, But now you just have to track him down yourself. Seems a little more fair. Art Cohen W. B Z Boston's news radio. It is 908 tow Wall Street now and business with Bloomberg Covert cancelled parties, graduations and weddings. All spring rental businesses were hit hard. It was famine. Now it's Bob Costas is CEO of BC Tent and Awning, which serves the North East. He was prepared for a tough year. But then calls started coming in from Public Health Department's setting up covert testing sites. So then we had a surge of restaurants calling for out there was seeing Which we handled quite a few of them on everybody in my industry, you know, same same pattern. And then August rolled in the schools that just went crazy with the schools, private schools, public schools universities. Now, Costas says they're also searching for outdoor heaters and propane. The difficulty is the supply chain. Tents and other equipment are usually rented for shorter periods, and there's little inventory. Now. Tent manufacturers such as anchor industries in Indiana say they're struggling to hire enough workers. I'm an moss to Bloomberg Business on W. B. C. Boston's news radio Coming up at 9, 15 and update on modern is Phase three. Covert 19 vaccine trial.

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