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Mr x very cleverly to keep us spoiler free to stay ahead of us fans major things that weren't in the movie that we're in the trailer we all thought they were setting up the deaths for capping tony when he signed these trailing editing yes can allow the lied with anos says fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe he never says that line that's that's because they probably had that line and then when you know you know just to work in film but when they're making yeah when they're making these trailers aren't may not have been in character of the house they wanted at the time in the edit show i get it that seed where kappa standing next to a black panther and he pops this shield out that quick it was nice not in the movie out pick deal banner next to the hulk buster kind of looked like he was tinkering with the hawk buster probably a cut scene for time if he did i ever say who the hell are you guys in the beginning when he wakes up he says something like somebody who are you guys like yeah but it's not yeah no yeah the reaction shot where they like mantis like waves and they're all standing there that doesn't happen the react by actually having all their guns guns right which i like that better the meaning and what kind of work capping like black panther actually have like a they do the handshake they do like kinda handshake they didn't really do a handshake spiderman swinging through the debris on titan which i thought was a cool seen in the trailer it was a little bit different he was saving mantis they put thors i patch back on to keep us not spoiled it's i think it's hilarious and then the biggest thing that fucking running money shot where you see the hulk in wauconda not only is the hulk not in hoc foreman kanda that that seed never happen i think.

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