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Five months traveling forty thousand miles through asia helen relish the success of these trips because she knew her time was winding down in nineteen sixty after forty six years by her side polly thomson passed away at the age of seventy five and then in nineteen sixty one helen herself suffered a series of strokes she spent her remaining years at her connecticut home if helen keller had been asked for the greatest disappointment of her life it wasn't that she couldn't see or hear rather it was the she never was allowed to marry in the victorian era in which grew up there was expected that a severely handicapped woman even one as remarkable as jalan would remain chaste helen's mother kate strictly forbade her from having any interaction with boys her own age and would have been aghast at the thought of helen becoming sexually active on that doesn't change the fact that helen once said if i could see i would marry first of all it's a shame that this was one dream that helen could not achieve helen keller died on june first nineteen sixty eight at the age of eighty seven only a few weeks shy eighth birthday she was cremated and her ashes were buried at the national cathedral in washington dc next to the remains of anti sola van and polly thomson at the time of her death helen keller was already in icon she had received the presidential medal of freedom from lyndon johnson four years earlier and people throughout the world were familiar with her decades of work on behalf of the blind and the disabled people were also familiar with the depiction of her life in the miracle worker which had been released six years before there were more productions of the miracle worker one of particular note was a nineteen seventy nine tv movie in which patty duke who played helen keller in the original production now played annie sullivan the performance was top rated and duke won a primetime emmy award the accolades.

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