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Alachua on dot com. Hugh, U N G if you want to see the fo I'll put it in the footnotes. So if you Google search Gucci mane. That's probably a hundred percent hours at complex Khan. And this is a gal who painted like a giant like ten foot wide like oil painting of it. Oh, wow. Yeah. It's it's really incredible. And it was one of those moments where I was like, you know, everyone is out to your photo. I was like, no, that's where painting. I'm not taking away because like something that was just a couple of clicks it took while to build the set, but like is known oil painting. And she knew who you were right. Yes. I it was it was really cool moment. Like, she I walked into her booth to look at it. And then she looked at me. She's like, oh my God. It's you and I was just like. And it was really funny because she thought I was going to be bombed or whatever have never like she put in so much hard work in like G knew what it looked like kind of funny because you know, photographer. Yeah. Yeah. Honestly, one of my biggest fears of me doing my death Jaguar toy because it's really made is this companion piece to the m one go jet Jaguar toy which is like a really celebrated Safavi toy company from Japan and so- qualms become friends with the creators of that brand. And I remember I gifted him my toy and so giving it to the the guy that had the inspiration to it. I was worried I was like this guy's getting get mad. You took my stuff, and he was just so thankful. He actually gifted me. A jet Jaguar piece. I was missing from my collection. Oh, gave me this glow in the dark one that I'd never had. And so it was really a beautiful. And this is actually a good moment to talk about 'em one because they're a vinyl. Toy company they in a way, they kind of fit that designer vinyl thing they're part of the inspiration. Like a lot of people definitely like by their stuff and. Vibe with it. Because what it is. Is there done to look like toys that would fit in line with the original toys from like the seventies? Yeah. But they're modern takes on of characters in the things that you wouldn't have originally received back in back in the seventies. Because you're taking as you, you know, you lay out a toy line, you pick the most popular characters, and then you make toys of them. And what you g and meet you would do is. They would take the c list characters like, obviously over the years growing up watching a film and being like, they never made one of, you know, the twins of from autho, and they would make those toys that would fit as a companion to peace to fit fill the hole that you had as a collector in Eugene like when you use the term super collector or somebody who's like it. He embodies that like, you know, anybody that pretty much collects anything excited for side for maybe four stalker men. Is like you're like a duplicate of this guy because this is a guy who will go in. He will collect every version of everything down to movie props. You know, like signatures from actors. I it's like molds from movies. Like, you're like, oh, here's a mold from gremlin arm. He's like, oh, I have that man. And it's pretty incredible that he has taken that sort of fan dome. And then he has like this toy company, and there's there's actually a really great story that he uses because he was the first guy from what I understand to create a one to one replica of the of the Terminator. Wow. And I believe of STAN Winston that that that created we can factor. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what was that movie never have a full-scale prop or you just replicated? Well, he he created the model kit that you could buy of the of the of the end of skeleton head, and he had put some little things in it..

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