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Tonight. The farmers had worked quickly in the fields so that the harvest was complete the animals had all been brought in and shuddered safe Flee in their barnes so they wouldn't be vulnerable and Kiva herself made sure to get all of her cleaning and clothes washing done earlier in the weak. She couldn't risk doing chores tonight she jumped at the sound of someone pounding on her door clutching her robe removed to answer it standing on the other side was a small figure clothed in a white gown with dripping glistening face it held us sac and its tiny hands Kiva gagged held her breath then asked yes the figure cried out a soul a soul a soul cake moving quickly Kiva reached over to her stove for a small baked good and dropped it in the Google sack the figure giggled said thank you miss then scampered off down the road kiva quick shut the door and locked it behind her that was a close one for tonight was the most dangerous of all nights the nights when the spirit world crossed over with the earthly plane it was the dying of the year it was the bane of kings it was Sawan it was hollow we welcome to the darks I'd of a podcast original a show where we delve into the CD underbelly of pop culture icons and historic events we aim to expose the ugly the truth behind cultural moments and public figures we hold most dear proving that there is always more to the story than meets the eye I'm your host Richard and I'm kate this is our third episode on the dark side of holidays the holiday season may be seen as a time of celebration for any but it's saccharin exterior conceals many unpleasant truths at podcast we're grateful for you our listeners you allow wind all episodes of the dark side of and all other par- cast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream the dark outside of for free on spotify just open the APP and type the dark side of in the search bar. Today's episode is part of our series on Halloween where we delve into the fascinating traditions behind the world's scariest holiday if you enjoy this episode of the dark side of be sure to check out the rest The park cast presents Halloween feed on spotify.

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