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Like what's your favorite thing about thunder alley? I see my favorite thing about them in reality is just being able to mingle and have fun with everybody going down the road. I actually get a lot of crap from my wife and people that I just want they're off. I just feel like I just get taken. Like, hey, you know, how's it going? And the next thing you know, I'm at the right side of them they're out and then I'm back. That's my favorite part just having fun with everybody. The fact that he could be walking down and people don't know you and they're like, here, have a taco. Or here, have a beer. And they don't even know you. You know, that's awesome. That's awesome vibe. My chapter, what we really normally do is just try to bring the energy, help out with the bar in the food. You know, this week it was our turn to actually handle the bar and it was probably one of the funniest experience we've had, just trying to get everybody like, hey, take a shot, come take a shot, and take a shot. So that was fun. That was really fun. And yeah, honestly, I can't really pinpoint one thing, that's my favorite because honestly, the whole tailgate is just my favorite food for sure. There's like ceviche, give you walk down and micheladas. A little bit of everything. A little bit of everything. So and then I want to chat with you too because you were featured on a chargers video like the fans, you know, one of the major fans. So what was that experience like being a part of like a charger, the charger production? You know, all the cool stuff they do. So this is the second time I've been featured with the Chargers and I can say they've been amazing the planning, the they make you feel like you're at home, you know, the previous time, me and my wife got picked for Hispanic heritage month and I even I'll show you the ticket right now. We still have him hanging up for Mexico City. They pay for everything. If you don't take it, airplane. So that was cool. They picked us for that. They interviewed us, took us down on the field and they had us on the jumbotron step up. Then this time around, I don't know how I got picked. They just messaged me on charge I mean on Twitter and they're like, amen, you won't be part of this interview. Of course. So, you know, the interview me at stadium and it was honestly a dream come true man. Just meeting Gates, all the treatment they gave me is just I couldn't believe I got that lucky to be fake. So definitely very humbling and very awesome thing. That was awesome. Like, in that interview, you kind of talk about your fandom and how important it is and all that stuff. So you kind of everything you said kind of resonated with us in terms of the kind of fans we are. So thanks for representing us. Yeah. Of course, when I appreciate you saying that. I just feel like we kind of as a fan base for a little different than other fan bases from what I've noticed because we're so little compared from what everybody says that we don't have fans that were just so protective of each other, you know? You're a charger fan. Oh, come on, man. You come to my house, you know, like, that's how I feel like we are. So I wanted to make sure I try to get that word out there that. You may be little, but we're united, you know? That's the best part. Sure. So let's get you out of here on this, you know, we just had a tough loss to the Patriots. What do you want to see us do moving on to this eagle's game? I hate to talk bad about the treasure out of the truck. But I just really wish time to let go. Get off his ass and do something. Maybe he is, maybe he is doing stuff that I don't know behind the scenes, but just feels like every year we're just waiting to be like, oh, you know, we're gonna wait on the draft. We're gonna wait on the draft. And it feels like it's been every year. He's been doing a lot better. I'll give him his credit though. I just really want to see, I don't know, a little, maybe get us a defensive tackle. I feel like we're there, you know? Like, we're just this close. There's little tiny things, you know. That's really what I would like to see. Other than that, I would like to see them bring back the energy and fun they were having because I just don't see that right now. I don't think the ravens are really help us out. I thought that maybe over the biweek day that they're like, oh man, you know, humbled and we're gonna come back stronger. But I didn't see that energy in front yesterday. So I was really hoping we could bring that back against the eagles. You know, we have an easier schedule coming up. So I think that's gonna help for Saturday night. I totally agree with you. But I do want to reiterate a talking crap onto that, but like that, I just really wish we can make it move in season because we haven't done a very long time to try to improve and maybe push our chances to get to that superhero man. Agreed. It's just so many variables and hopefully we want to I just don't even know what this defense is like really like, who's doing what? People are out and in. There's doesn't seem like a lot of cohesion in terms of that run defense. So I'm kind of with you on maybe. Maybe make a little move. If you feel confident with Herbert and what we're capable of doing this year and us possibly having a deep run, should probably do something about it. Yeah, for sure. I mean, like you said, there's people in and out. I think I saw a Davis come out. A couple times, and I'm like, why is he doing out? You know? That's happening, but yeah, I mean hopefully there's growing things happening right now and hopefully for the better. And I think, I mean, I honestly do think it's fair, but because we do have a good team. For sure, we have superstars all over the team. I just think we're missing a little push. I don't know what it is. I don't know what it might be. I don't know how to fix it. That's hard. Because, you know, hopefully, hopefully they can figure it out. Well, hey at three K, thank you so much for taking the time to come chat with us. It was awesome meeting you. Thank you for having me. Our pleasure. Pleasure. And then we'll make sure we get with me before showing up. We will. I'm gonna bring that bring in the 6 year old with me and he's gonna take a walk down thunder out. We're gonna do it right. All right. We'll have a great week we'll talk to you later. There we go, Rick Kay. Awesome dude. Hey, yes. Representing the die hard bolt club. It's like trading cards. I want to collect all the die hard bolt club presidents like across the board. I think a lot of them already. Yes. We're going. We got to find the very obscure couple members like deep somewhere like I want to talk to the German entire bolt club. I have the Brazilians. I'm gonna get like a map, a map and then put like a little pin every time I hit a die hard bolt club. There you go. That's awesome. Gotta get them all. Ri K love, love having yondu. Thank you for sitting down and talking with Kevin to really do appreciate it. All right, folks well now it's time to go on to the next segment..

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