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Of your business is keeping you up at night Are you seeing it come back at all At least you have company You're hoping to get political pressure Do you expect the Euro to strengthen Why even have this hearing Bloomberg radio Bloomberg the world is listening World markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg got gone the Bloomberg business app And at Bloomberg quick take This is Bloomberg 11 three O Now a global news update A manhunt is underway in Texas after two police officers were shot another killed in an early morning ambush Police in Houston say the three were checking out a disturbance outside a nightclub when someone opened fire from behind One person is in custody They're looking for an Hispanic male in his early 20s they believe may have been the shooter a report says The White House climate program will likely be cut entirely from the multi $1 trillion spending bill that has been stalled in Congress The New York Times reports the Biden administration's reconsidering the climate agenda because of strong opposition from one senator from Cole rich West Virginia Joe Manchin the trial of three white man accused of killing a black jogger in Georgia is now set to start on Monday Jury selection will begin in the Ahmad Arbery murder case Charles Tex Watson a member of the Manson Family back in the 60s will stay behind bars The 75 year old serving time for his role in the Tate lobby oncom murders involving his fellow Manson cult members Watson's eligible for another parole hearing in 5 years I'm Scott Carr You're listening to Bloomberg opinion on Bloomberg radio I'm Jim grosso As millions of Americans change jobs many in certain sectors are feeling locked in by equity based awards they risk losing if they leave But according to opinion columnist Alexis lelands there are a few strategies to help keep them even if you decide it's time to go She joins us to explain People in the finance and tech sectors may feel a kind of pressure to stay in jobs because of the equity based awards Tell us about that Sure we hear this all the time you know that if you work in the finance or tech sector sometimes you feel locked in because of these equity based awards and sometimes it's restricted Stock that you receive Other times they're stock options where you have the option to buy company stock at a set price But either way when it's such a big chunk of overall compensation it could really make people feel like their hamstrung in that they shouldn't leave their jobs because they're going to be leaving so much money on the table But as you point out the job market is hot right now and it's really good for job seekers So do some companies take that into account and try to win job seekers over Yeah that's exactly what's happening in know that it is a candidate's job market right now especially if you work in areas like investment banking or FinTech or alternatives like private equity or hedge funds employers are desperately competing for top talent And because of that they're willing even more so than usual to make candidates whole and to basically give them any awards They may be forfeiting by leaving a previous employer So it can be complicated How do you figure out what you're giving up before you decide to take another job Right That's why I did the cone because I wanted people to know that of course you can hire the attorney to help walk you through that But I thought it was helpful for people to know firsthand kind of what they should be looking at and what they should know because there's so many moving parts in different components of compensation and various terms governing if and when it's going to be paid out that I thought was helpful to give people some tips to know So the first thing is the most relevant document First start with your employment contract There could be terms in there that you want to know Determination mean just retiring changing a job death you know there are so many different terms that could be included under the definition of termination And then you want to look at stock option plan and that's going to give you obviously the nitty Gritty details on the number of shares included the awards the vesting schedule You know when you're getting them what you have to do to actually receive them but they'll also have as I said those definitions for things like termination and they'll also let you know what happens if you go to a competitor like what then happens to those awards and a lot of times obviously the terms are more onerous if you are in fact going to work for a competitor Now do you have to consult an account basically in order to figure out the tax consequences Definitely It's always helpful I think to talk to an accountant to make sure you understand what the tax implications are because sometimes maybe you have stock options that have vested That means that you're eligible to test them but maybe you have an exercise them yet so you haven't actually purchased them at the set price that the company has awarded you Obviously you generally buy when it's out of discount when the price that you've been given is lower than where the stock is trading So you want to take all that into consideration if you are in fact going to exercise you want to make sure you understand what those tax implications are doing so And here was a shocker in your column sometimes private companies can claw back stock options even after they've been exercised Yeah that can be a rude awakening for people who work through the private company you know they receive the stock options they vested they exercise them and they think even if they've gone to work for another employer that they still have those options but that's not the case A lot of times not always but often private companies because they want to keep those options and that stock basically for the people who are still working there who can then be eligible for the biggest payday they often write into contracts that they have the potential or the option to claw back those stock options to take back that stock back and reserve it only for people who are continuing to work there What are some of the other loopholes or things that people should watch out for Sure This is also with private companies but another thing to keep in mind is that with private companies stock options that you often have to.

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