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KIRO radio ninety seven three FM. Welcome back to the candy. Mike in touch. I am like this. Joining me is candy Harper. How many arrests is enough twenty thirty would you believe a hundred and five over fourteen years? We'll talk about a local of Duchesne suspect and his lengthy time in a revolving door. But first, let's talk about King County officials in homelessness again. And let's again, I mean, this is this not only is the story that we talk about a lot on the show and every show here at Cairo. It's also an election year so you are not going to hear any shortage of stories discussion about the homeless and weirdly enough, we got a little bit of good news. Just a short while ago. King County officials reported in eight percent. Overall drop in the homeless numbers with one group, the chronically homeless people or those who with a disabling condition who've been homeless for year or longer showing a thirty eight percent drop. The Seattle times is now reporting that the steep drop in homes populations is kind of become an issue in itself, because people are starting to wonder whether or not, this is reflects an accurate count in this has been this underscores the difficulty in counting homeless populations. It's always been a problem. The city has city and county both on all actually every place with this is done Los Angeles. Another one. That's actually seen in the same period of time a. Twelve percent increase in Los Angeles. I think has in the neighborhood of forty five thousand homeless people. This particular point I can understand why people would be skeptical though, because you start to question. Okay. We'll when was this count done. What was the weather like when you were doing that was especially cold, where they're more people who happen to find shelter that one particular night, is it only one nine is more than one night? And so you kind of start thinking well is this accurate from what I see every single day. And so the way they try to, to account for that is to is to count every year around the same time under similar conditions, and they send people out to the same areas to do the count. And they try to get developed a methodology that will at least you'll at least even if it's not a perfectly accurate number, you will, which is never going to be you'd never going to establish that it is at least comparable to itself. So if you're counting the same manner all the time, and you're seeing a riser decrease you've got at least some plausible you make some plausible conclusion about which way it's true. Trend to even if you don't know all the final numbers specifically. But now that there is this idea that, wow. That thirty eight percent drop sound seems pretty unusual. Even the even the people who are advocates for more money to be spent on the homeless, and the and more programs to become available, certainly mental health treatment of things like that. They're saying that even they are kind of wondering. Why would we get?.

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