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The fire eventually engulfs the entire cruiser, leaving a burned out shell wheel was not hit by the bullets and eventually arrested in a nearby garage officer. Pajamas on suffered minor cuts and burns. Jonathan show come only policemen while investigating hateful messages and homophobic slurs left outside the home of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Messages protesters leave outside Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin's home can be so vulgar. We had to blur the images. Even that Durkin is the city's first lesbian mayor. A tag left Thursday night smacks of homophobia. This kind of vandalism, especially with the kind of misogynistic, homophobic language is completely over unacceptable and crosses A Lion Mary Snipers with the Anti Defamation League says elected officials are being increasingly targeted in this way. Civic activist Harriet Walton calls it a killing returned to the past as a product of segregation and Jim Crow. It reminds me of of vigilantes. I'm going to somebody's home. There have been so many threats against Durkin and her staff that Seattle police have streamline the reporting process to give them a direct channel to Detective Mitchell Marino is a 34 year. Homo news John Nelson now with normal traffic for you, He's around every 10 minutes on the forest or Saturday morning. We got the offer and partially blocked in the totem lake area for five North bound at 124 Street. That's the second collision in that same location this morning. The roads are a bit wet and looking at some foggy driving conditions as well. So people are taking it slow out there. Also in the evening caught area highway for 10, both directions between Green water and mud Mountain Road that stretch of roadway shut down for ongoing road repair project. Our next co Moh traffic at 8 40 for Abby. A Cockney helping out with our Saturday morning whether your.

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