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It's flexible, and we're so grateful to be here, celebrating DEA door locks. So let's move on just some introductions. I, we have Kelsey Williams. She is a DJ and you might know her as Killick ELS, and she's not only Jane. The hottest events in Toronto. She is committed to using her craft to empower other women to chase their dreams. So DJ has got to be a pretty cool job Kelsey. How and why did you get into that. Yeah, it is. It is really fun. Sometimes it feels like I'm really not working, but. Why I got into teaching was because I just love the music. So going back to like high school, my friends, and I would always go onto lime wire and kind of compete with each other and trying to see like who would find that gem and kind of put each other onto other songs. So I guess today that would translate into soundcloud just digging for music all the time. I never played any instruments. I'm not a rapper singer, so that was my turntables worth my instrument. All right. And then I have to my left here Carina v, who is a founding trainer at varies boot camp in co, founder of fit escapes in yoga, try yoga teacher and wellness advocate. She embodies an active day tonight, hustling lifestyle. So Carina, I would like to know how it is that you got into a career of health and wellness. Funny story. Actually, I started going to the gym when I was seventeen and I was the only like younger girl that was one of the gym, and it wasn't kind of cool or trendy back then. And I taught myself how to work out. I bought a men's health book and I taught myself the body, the mechanics of working out, and I used to teach my friends how to work out. So I you like whole little boot camps in the park, and they're like, you should do this. This is your calling. And back then I was like, there's no way I can make money off this. This is like twelve years ago, long time ago. And so I went to school to be a paralegal for four. Years. So I was working at a law firm and I hated my life. And sorry, you're working in a law firm if you love it. And then I went to do teacher training on Bali from month. And after that, like I wasn't the same person and just changed me and I quit my full time job and. You know, it was a struggle and there was steps, but. It's where it was worth it. I'm here now. So I will say we have interviewed so many creatives who have gone from law or even corporate to just one eighty something creative, where they can call the shots on their terms. All right. Finally, we have a Lexus haunts here, who is the founder of the stay Silas blog, Alexis understands the importance of personal style and brings her fashion savvy to Canadians as an on air online and editorial expert. So it's funny because I'm introducing all of us. I think that we all love doing what we do so much that we're, we can't believe that we're experts in it much less getting to do it for a living. But Alexis tell us more about the work you do and how you got here. Okay. Well, I've always loved fashion as I'm sure all of us here have right now known across Canada. I do lifestyle TV show where mccosh an expert on air, and then I worked behind the scenes to fifty percent of my job is on air in fifty percent is. Behind the camera where I do photo shoots action worked. It's sport check. I don't know if you all know, but I've done a couple of campaigns for them because there's different departments right now. I'm doing content creation as well too, but I've just always had a love for fashion. It's cliche, but I'm sure everybody in the room as well when we were kids and we were putting together our own outfits and making our own clothes in high school and something probably not. Everybody knows about me is actually had my own line k, I wanted to be a designer. I.

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