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Independent Miku, don't you also don't want 50% of parents saying they need but cannot easily access behavioral health care, given the stresses were under so I could go down the list of our services. The point is in a pandemic. You need all these services they they have to exist. People can't go into quarantine unless they can be guaranteed food security programs. And housing security programs, If indeed there, struggling with work and or livelihood, so all these services connect, and so we really see what we're doing is an integral part of pandemic preventions. And so we are finding Maura and more people calling us and wanting to get engaged, so we don't lack for People. We we were actually we actually lack for capacity. But likely we have Senator sold to them the Senate and has a bill SB 30 to help us Really cool. Hey, is now the chair. Maybe has been Or maybe it just is your chair of the Senate Education Committee. Yeah, is that he's been a leader and in that arena for a long, long time, and I think that's why he became our champion, and that he fully understood that until we a draft aces and childhood trauma and social adversity. Kids won't do well in public school. They just won't. So so he's on board and other people on board. We've got a Senate bill. We've got a more senators and representatives eager to support us. So We're always cautiously optimistic as anyone is going to the session, But, um, we've got all our fingers crossed, and it's all systems go with with our with our wonderful home base, New Mexico State University All right, and people saying, What did they just say? The kids cannot. Kids cannot succeed in probably school. Here's the deal. If the kid is sitting there, third grader third grade girls sitting there And thinking about how hungry she is. She didn't get her homework done because the home situation that there's domestic violence going on drug abuse going on that there are all these kind of things and He lives in a really a fluent community. She's not living, you know, in in a poor part of the town of port part of the state, uh, they're not going to pay attention to anything that teacher says. I mean, that's what we're dealing with here in New Mexico. 17 minutes have three o'clock back with Dr Katherine Courtney and Dominic.

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