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We've seen in the last thirteen months as well the romania trying to get rid of corruption which is never an easy process for any nation where it's been a problem in the authorities for a long time and how much is this infighting now the of which you describe part of that anti corruption drive or is it just plain old political bickering i mean it's very much part of that drive as you said i mean in in this loss thirteen months a year ago lost february of romania was hit by the largest protests in quarter of a century and that was very much protest driven by fear is the progress romania has made in its anticorruption drive was were being reversed and the very much the political class and the social democratic party was trying to weaken anticorruption efforts now libya ragner the party boss as i mentioned is serving a two years spended sentence for electoral fraud he's also currently on trial or facing imminent trial for another case and as recently as november had all all of his assets frozen due to an investigation for siphoning off state funds including eu funds remain years one of the corrupt his country's in in the eu and corruption goes right to the top and and that that is a major issue and and the fact that it's the ragner and top leaders want the anticorruption efforts weakens or seemingly want them weakened and that these past two prime ministers haven't been active enough in in pushing for weakening pushing for legislation that woods on the face of it we can anticorruption efforts as been a big part of the political uncertainty right now in situations like this people often look to a leader to someone he might offer some alternative fresh hope to a political quagmire this everyone else's need deepen is there such a figure in romania to try and get everybody sorted yet.

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