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Two forty four. Now the KOMO forecast. And here's Seth Wayne low to mid forties is what we've got for you on Tuesday into Wednesday, mostly cloudy conditions, give way to that rain, and that's all gonna continue through the middle of the week. Now, we could be seeing some scattered lowland snow early on a Wednesday, otherwise Thursday, we're calling mostly sunny and then showers will continue Friday into the weekend. I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center right now in Seattle. It's pretty gray with some scattered showers. Forty at KOMO news. Komo news time to thirty six. There is a communications problem with Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway this morning that delayed sounder trains on the south line by more than two hours. Todd was stuck on the train from Puyallup to Tukwila normally takes about thirty minutes. I can be at my computer. Like, I'm sitting at my desk at work. So I do have that luxury. He says alerts from sound transit could have come sooner. He got the first one about twenty minutes after the delay began says the train conductor was very helpful talking to it's over the, you know, the P A around the train and letting us go going on a nationwide. Computer outage causing communication issues. There's apparently a dispatch center for Burlington Northern Santa Fe in Fort Worth. That went down it disrupted communications and signals for trains all across the country less than a year after the state legislature completed an overhaul of education funding. Some lawmakers are moving to undo caps on local Levy money school districts can request from voters. Komo's Carleen Johnson. Reports lawmakers sold the mccleary deal to constituents with the understanding that statewide property taxes would be increased at billions to basic education funding, but the local level rate then would be kept as a way to mitigate that tax hike of your definition of Equitable's. Every kid gets the same amount of money went the opposite direction state superintendent of schools, Chris reykdal. But Republicans say Senator John Brown was a no vote on a Bill that did pass out of committee last week. It would restore local Levy flexibility and other words led the district's go back to voters and ask for more local tax revenue for schools. There's a handful of schools out there that. We need to deal with no question about that. But this does not require a massive new authority for additional property taxes at the local every around the state Ron tells KOMO the districts are only in a pinch now because they gave teachers double digit raises and now comes that Bill. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. A measure has been introduced in Olympia to transfer most of the duties of the Washington state bar association to the Washington state supreme court. Republican Representative drew Stokes berry who is a private attorney is the prime sponsor for some folks the bar offer some great programming, but for I think the majority of lawyers I've talked to the programming. The bar offers wallet is good for some people. You know, is it really things that most lawyers..

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