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Four DV. See okay? Scott agrees with Alexandria, accussed Yokota. I'm not the only one. Ted Cruz also, agrees with Alexandria, Cossio Cortez. Oh, I know I'm surprised he surprised but we gotta admit we agree with the proposal that was put forward by old. Spook is. What's that? But drawing some common ground after she called for a ban on lawmakers becoming lobbyists. Oh boy. Cossio Cortez got the ball rolling on Twitter reacting to a stat that shows sixty percent. A former congress critters from the hundred fifth congress received jobs has lobbyists or federal policy, influencers. Do we really have to debate on this as to whether this proper or not? I'm sure the politicians would like to battle on that one she said free country. After our public service. She said, if you are a member of congress and you leave, you shouldn't be allowed to turn right around and leverage your service for a lobbyist check. I don't think it should be legal at all to become a corporate lobbyists. If you've served in congress at a minimum there should be a long wait, period. People have suggested that seven years, ten years. Yes. After you're out of office, then you're free to go about ding, your lobbyists job, be some conservatives that have pushed back on that even. Well, yeah, the bread is buttered man crews commented that this is rare, but I agree with her. He said, here's something I don't say often as a matter of fact, I've said it at all. But at this point, I agree with AO. See. He said. See. Yeah. You know, me, he said, I have long called for a lifetime ban on former members of congress becoming lobbyists. The swamp would hate it, but Brad's a chance for some bipartisan cooperation. And he's right. Holy crap. Who's gonna stand? Disagree with that? I think we should all be able to be lobbyists. Ted Cruz got on board with the term drain the swats what he said. How about that said, drain the swamp swamp said, if you're serious about a clean Bill, then I'm down. Let's make a deal Cossio Cortez responded. If we can agree on a Bill with no partisan snuck in clauses, no poison pills. Just a straight clean ban on members of congress becoming paid lobbyists that I'll lead the Bill with you. Wow. There is something there, man, I would also like to ban bartenders for becoming members of congress. Ted Cruz didn't eat it. He didn't say he didn't say that. But perhaps that's what posssibility and I know that's one of the big stories out there as they actually agree on something. It is. I mean yesterday, you and I are agreeing with, with Meryl Streep and today. We've got this what's going on out there, some alternative universe? We're living in because Meryl Streep said, she thought the term. Not good for boys because she feels like women can just as toxic. Yes, she even dropped the F bomb describing. She did. Yeah. Well, that's the way most people are even if you don't agree on a lot of big issues. You find common ground on some things. Right. That's just being human. I would love to see. Okay. Oh, Cortes and Ted Cruz though, back this thing and get it done. That would that could be a watershed moment right there. Yeah. I mean what else changes I don't know. But that's a that's a start for a second there. Yeah. I could see that we both were trying to advance the same goal. Wanna get to another piece of audio and this is one that you brought up. I heard it yet. Well, one thing you get used to if you're around this whole pro-life thing is the daily influx of pro choice talking points. Yes. We talked about this the other day, they're just continuing to be regurgitated by mainstream media. They do it all the time, they carry out the message. Yes, you ever notice the word abortion doesn't come up anymore. Oh, it's right to choose healthcare, reproductive rights. Yes. Has been banned. And the instances of this are to numerous document in, in one conversation. We have here you hear it all the time. But the latest example is from CNN's new day, the co host there. She's a frowny. She's a frowny Browner Allison. Moretto Cammarata come rata. Yeah. She, she constantly is that quizzical look on her face? Sometimes there's just disdain shocked in it a little bit. Yes. She's like that. She was talking about recent supreme court decision to sidestep the most controversial aspect of the two thousand sixteen pro-life Bill Mike Pence signed into law when he was governor. So she's doing this interview right now or was anyway. And she said the fetal remains portion of the law was allowed to stand and you know what they never say joys, you have to treat that, like another humid Ackley that body and one of the one of the things they use to manipulate the languages they never used the word, baby, or human. They, they skip around that, that doesn't become part of the lexicon. Right. So during this conversation, she stumbles onto something and realizes it backtracks. Okay. Roll it here. Issue here. Lots of families have to make that decision based on the single characteristic of finding out that their children that their fetus has a severe abnormality that children. She said children. And then when immediately. Yes, I slipped, I almost humanize that thing single characteristic of finding out that their children that their fetus has a severe abnormality. Heart skip to be Ellison. I did. And she caught herself midstream already out there. But you gotta bring it back in quickly. Right. Hopefully, no one will notice my folks. You know, I've heard a lot of people talk about different issues with this, and as we've said, I don't know how many times if you're having the conversation with people, and they're just being honest, and this never happens on mainstream media, right? Is when you hear different moms that might say you know what I was all about pro choice. Until I heard my baby's heartbeat. For the first time. That's not an unusual reaction. You hear it a lot. Is that ever represented? No. Of course not. There's only one side represented but here's the thing. I'm what I get sick and tired of national conversation. I hate that term because no one really wants to the nets. Conversation here. No, there's no conversations shouting down bullet points. The question she asked was, why would you want a family to have a child with severe disability? The Indiana attorney general answered making a decision based solely on racer disability is a discriminatory practice right? You tell me, your anti-discrimination. Shout to the mountain tops about that. Jennings is okay. Yes. Okay. You. I mean, that's just so evident right there of what you see. And by the way, it's not just this issue. It's every issue with these people. They wordsmith everything. Absolutely. They changed the terminology and it makes me nuts. But you know, we could bang this drum for a long. That's the thing. And we've talked about it for a while, because you're all about being the party of science until science comes into this issue. I love that too. That's a great argument, right there. That's a great argument because we know things now that we didn't know before, and because of the technology, and as brought up several times. You know a baby field pain at six months. Okay. We know that now that's not just the glob. Mhm. But even for you know, the conversation as well. Are you saying, then that life really doesn't begin until the baby's born because most people in the country don't believe that I don't know that they can tell you the day it happens, but they can give you a general idea win. They think but no one wants to have that conversation from that city. There's no conversation. There is no conversation, there isn't no. I agree with you on that found this story to be somewhat interesting somewhat entertaining. You can buy things online. Sometimes you can buy it from another country, and you may get it and find out the quality's. Not that go. That's the problem with buying online, isn't it? I mean, everything looks good and you buy it, and you pay for, and you get it, and it's crap. Well, it depends on how reputable is the place. You're buying from. Yes. I mean, even if it's EBay, if you know you got a hundred percent a lot of times, you'll have good luck. But there's return policies things that you might say, if you're buying from China. Maybe the quality's not quite as good. Yeah. I believe we've been taught that haven't we? Well, I you and I both knew a guy that would get a lot of NFL jerseys from China turnaround. Yes. Not legal. No. That was the story used to go into the soldiers, and maybe if you got one of those jerseys, like, if you were fifteen twenty feet away, I don't think you could really tell once you came close see the flaw here in a flaw, there of letters. Not quite right. It's that all that sort of stuff. Wait a minute. These are hard chemo. Har ki. Replica shoe those two, I know they do, but this woman from Begnaud annoy ordered daughter at shirt of frog and toad. Oh, okay. I know what that is. You're familiar with frog. Untold story. Yeah. Yeah. Two characters in a series of kids books kids books. Yep. Yeah. Frog and toad. Yes. Nice little gift for your child thinking, shirts five bucks. That's awesome. So good price to for frog and toad shirt. So it comes to her, except it had something extra that wasn't on the picture of the shirt that she thought she was buying so they misspelled frogger towed, or no, it's a picture of frog and toad. That's most of it, but underneath in the pictures, she was looking at there was nothing but on the shirt, she got it said, well bleep the police. No, no, no. It did. Yes, it did. Oh, so the thinking that bootleg company in China must grab one of those images off the internet Brennan on the without realizing what it meant. So this mom, took a picture of her year old daughter wearing the shirt, put on Facebook, and it's going over the place. There's frog and toad bleep the police, by the way came wear them into play day. Now can you probably you gotta watch out what you're buying consumer news? Therefore, there's probably a market, though for that. For kids, that have.

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