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I realize there's some third odds about what to do it who's going to be able to testify but at the same time like if it was that important given in Petoskey just sit on it for a month great question that well I mean we had our hands full with Iran yeah that is true it's not like he's asking them for their permission or anything they're busy give it a go sign off and on anything nope this this others I mean I don't know why it bothers me because first of all I'm not a gamer again I don't really watch the Olympics okay but it is being discussed according to the inter international Olympic chairman president Thomas Bach big gaming could soon be a part of the Olympics gaming I'm talking about video games a better word I just saw that break dancing could be a part of it to another that's cool yeah I can get behind there's some physical activity there Thomas boxes that the Olympics must connect with hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide in order to remain relevant with the younger generation the Olympics is considered adding a sports in the past but it's been rejected apart because some of the games were to find I mean is there a scenario where you would feel good about gaming being part of the Olympics no scenario where I feel good about like isn't I mean the Olympics are like it's it's test of I'm trying to think there's anything mental in the Olympics this is a mental test again right it's in the knowledge they shed the gaming Olympics but they shouldn't be involved in the regular level anything that would involve that would be like at the cafe where there's a mental aspect of physical aspect I don't know what else wires but that's not something that should be in the Olympics is not a sport I'm breaking news I'm ready no no rest in peace no Neil pardon drummer for the Canadian trio prog rock legend rush I consider one of the greatest if not he he he's been sick right is not thank you for the pizza always trying to get involved always trying to be mad at somebody is taking aim at representative Alexandria a Casio Cortez over her brand new puppy after AOC showed off.

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