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On KOMO news four zero eight. Thirteen before the hour. Now on first light. We have a lot of call stacked up. So we're going to try and move right through them, Greg in Sioux Falls. We haven't talked to you for a while. So Greg how do we get out of this? How do we fix this? What do you want to see happen? I don't really know. I'm trying to figure out where the system broke down where to accusers. You know, where to even think that they have to lawyer up before they make an accusation. That's not part of our system. Well, I know, but that's what we've come to go to school at. I mean, this is making animal house, look like a church choir. You know, and every the common denominators they were all drunk or hi wanted to to. I just got a feeling that the one thing I'm really mad at is two Republicans and not Grassley Grassley. He's got his hands full. He's an old, man. He needs to be back in the farm being a grandfather he's trying to keep a handle on this. But Mitch McConnell's give it a little support the president's getting little sports or are the other Republicans at, you know, even my two senators tune in Rollins. Anonymous bit quiet on this. Well, it's who wants to stick your neck out. That's the thing. Why do you want to stick your neck out? If you don't have to stick your neck out to win. And you gotta show a little bit of a backbone. You know, this is nuts. And I think if the Democrats get away with this. They're going to do it worse to the next one and the next one and as long as there's no repercussions or no punishment for the Democrats could alternate out to be false. Yeah. Well, this is not any worse than what Mitch McConnell did. They. For a year that was wrong that was so wrong. You know what I'm saying? That's what I'm saying. So how do you how do you who goes first and stops doing this? That's the problem how who's gonna make that first step to start. You know, start thinking about what's good for the country. Instead of what's good for their careers. The Roman Senate was considered civilized until Julius Caesar and had a bad day. On that note. Thank you so much. We're going to go to Jason in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Good morning. Good morning. Form and how they pick the.

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