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Advantage of your people on the roads they are done rolling stones of release their first new song in eight years when ghost town is home yeah just talked to Jensen are executive producer she's gonna try to find a clip yeah they're out there we just got to get it or she's on she's on it right now so we have to bring that to you as soon as another angle hospitals in the New York area they've been playing uplifting songs to celebrate the release of patients treated for the virus to someone leaves after having defeated rona and they play things like the Beatles here comes the sun or the journey's don't stop Believin so that's like when you go to a major league baseball game in the batter walks up to the box and they play a song yeah you get you know love that play what are the what ifs Williams song when you beat that so one of the most popular ones did you say the Beatles here comes the sun and journey's don't stop Believin of the popular ones at least in New York okay I need to play less that's cool I love that I love I saw some pictures of the guy you interviewed this week leaving our UC Davis hospital I think it wasn't people worked yeah David McKay all the nurses were clapping and doctors are clapping yeah he got out him as wife small business owners who both also fought and defeated the viruses now has a good scene this morning local churches suing the governor for shutting down their services are Amanda Carol's gonna be joining us coming up in just three minutes with what she found out in the store your listing it is ninety three point one KPK live everywhere in the I heart radio out stay connected with three news ninety three point one KFBK when your smart speaker at home say Alexa play KFBK on I heart radio certain times.

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