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They both were great during the regular season in two was fabulous in the playoffs as well so along with getting mcevoy sign charge forty two years old to his minutes have taken and drop you saw aw he's better off now playing eighteen minutes. He can't do the twenty-five anymore which is fine for this team Wagner's back. That's my boy so I bring him up. I do think that really fucking hurt them. Against Saint Louis he was a guy would have played the Saint Louis Style for the Bruins that whole series they didn't have them but I love corrals. Their fourth line can be so good they those guys can even play up and down the lineup and they lost the Chari on that line correct. Yes Char. He's he's in the division tough tough loss. That is a tough loss so I just think with the forward unit they have it comes down to to David Krejci and a lot of ways because you've seen years that he has consistent years where he's getting sixty five to seventy five points points with bruins are dominant because they have that second line if he's not good then they're really kind of a one nineteen for scoring so I I love watching the team play I think they're gonNA in the playoffs. I'm definitely picking them play. I don't think they'll win the division but it's still going to be really hard because think about how how much felony place for them last year they got to play Carolina in the Eastern Conference Finals Tampa loss. They didn't have to play them. It was a pretty smooth ride after after game seven of the first round against Toronto to get to the Cup final so it's only going to get tougher with teams coming back and getting better. We'll see if they can get to the cup again but for sure I think they're gonNa make the playoffs and I think it'll be a fun team to watch and look for mcevoy. Sorry one more thing to make a huge step. This could be the year. You're like Whoa I mean. They've already seen glimpses of him dominating. Maybe it's like Norris. Trophy candidate type season for Charlie mcevoy rest rest is it might be a little bit of a concern of mine going into the season now. Would you say Noel Charlie was probably the most significant loss of the off-season awesome worth lying deadline they oh yeah correct I mean they should have to think about this. Swap Charlie coils a guy that they got over that trade. He didn't really have a great end of the season last year when he came over in that move is unreal offensively but then he got going to the playoffs. You got imagine that he's going to have a better performance in the regular season season so to me. That's a boost affair swap Ofer Nola Chari if not even an upgrade and I mean to me I I never really noticed that Grizzly doc until until playoff time he's an excellent defense and you just got imagine charge getting a little bit older. He's GonNa Start Getting those minutes and once again you see an organization who who doesn't unbelievable job of drafting developing guys and just grooming them into what they're gonNA eventually need to be as far as they're all on the team I mean Steven Kampfer's and other guy who was pretty solid and playoff student really on I mean he didn't step in much I mean he seems like a guy who's going to be competent enough to take on some some defenseman depth minute so all I mean this is this is a very good lineup and there's some there's a few other forwards who might have had off years who could still bump it up offensively so I think I mean I could see this team. Competing competing for first in the East I agree more so than Tampa and I wouldn't be surprised if they reunite greasy and mcevoy at some point. Those guys play together in college. They kind of know each other well. There's some in chemistry. They'll obviously mcevoy's with Z. Right now but that could happen in Biz you kinda stole my thunder little coil unbelievable pickup like you said he did look in the regular season. He was the best player in the first round on big versatile cassie kind of moving around and cash. We gotta give him props to job. He's done ever since they just an extension. I yeah early in the summit that it was a three year extension. He's done an unreal job with his team but like I said it's couple boss with them again. What does suck what you mentioned they almost it's like when you lose that deep in the playoffs game seven? It's almost like they get somewhat of panel holds the benefit of right up just because they played so much so they gotta bounce back from that as well but yeah I definitely have in the playoffs y'all. La Will you know what they were twenty one points behind Tampa last year. I don't know if they'll catch him but I definitely see them top three in the divisional doubt so that's a team. That's that's right. They're they're not going anywhere. I I did say quickly. You'll Hanson once you saw what he signed for. I remember remember we were like million a year off and then you saw you're like wow they got rid of him but having said what you said earlier in the summer was Econo- can't doubt on Sweeney lately there was some chirps given too early couple deals here and there but he's made some pretty great move so they don't sound your Hanson but you've got to trust you. I mean you gotta think they gave that money to someone else. mcevoy was wasn't Danton Danton Heinen another guy. They had to give money through this. He resigned a two year. Do I think the year before the or maybe it was corralled. I thought it was one of those Maccabi Carla why but but there was another guy right after the season I believe they are in the midst of the summer that they resign. I'm drawing a blank on it but there was somebody else I mean Fuck I. I said everyone was at the team norstrom. They kept somebody back. who had a bit of an offseason anyway? We can move on now who we got next. Just cut that out. It sounds like an idiot next up the leafs. They finished up one hundred points last year. Not Stop Me if you've heard this one before but they were knocked out in the first round by the Bruins and seven games CBS so I leave fans knew faces Tyson Berry Cody Alex Kerr Foot Jason Spencer said Adios Done Qadri Patrick Malo. Oh Jake Gardner Nikita Zaitsev Ron Haines Karna Brown tyler and that's a lot of changes for a team that was a top three finish in the division about how about a half dozen regulars has gone but bringing in Tyson Barrie that was obvious the biggest moves the leafs you know quick. Nobody is scheduled to be a UFC after this season but the deal is the one area that really needed improvement on that squad they went out and they fix some of it is what do you think I mean. I think this year might be the year and the reason I say that is because after after the season they gotta realize that they're gonNA have to pay Tyson Berry or Morgan Riley and they're not going to be able to keep both around. They're not going to have the luxury of having two of the best puck moving defensemen on one team and that takes a lot of pressure off the power play it takes a lot of pressure off one into individual defense and that's got to get the job done because it's one not one guy it could be the other I mean I another prime example of that is I had Keith Yandell on my team and all of a sudden we draft all of recommend Larsen listen and next thing you know we got two guys on the back end who can snap it around and ask Oliver as soon as Keith got moved all of a sudden all that focuses on just on him and and and and I'm not saying played drop because of what easy though but it wasn't an easy right so great luxury for them in the back end. I really liked that cody move because I think that he's going to be playing playing where he should be as opposed to in Ottawa where it's like all well. He thinks he's worth this much and it's like well while he's a he's a solid offensive when used right he's not he's not the Tyson berries not just because he's GonNa make a little bit more because he was your only competent defenceman while well you can't hold that against them just playing where he should so I really liked their back and I love their goaltending as far as up front man. There's a lot lot approved for those big boys. They got. I mean there's a few other guys that could take the heat off of them. That CA captain and kids pretty selke. They got him on a very fair deal bill. Yeah I mean especially if you look at the kids sign for gob moving from Winnipeg to Pittsburgh Tanna Tanna I mean I think they got the same amount of money. In this Cap'n in an fucking play at three is nine point six billion. That's a nice tag for him so luckily they were able to sneak him on an affair deal in in those types of guys. We're going to have to pull the weight because they got They weren't able to spread the money much around considering they have a few guys making what a lot all at least a little below low eleven million dollars eleven six let alternate if those guys can bring what they thought they they were worth than. I think I see no problem with this team. I mean it's going to be the same top three in that division. This year was last year. So you brought up a high landers. GonNa have a huge year mark my words he's GonNa. Have you think he's got a lot to prove. He's got a chip on the shoulder older and from what I've heard I mean even talking off the Matthews a little bit. He's he's hungry. Okay so you brought up captain. I think think that die hard leafs fans understood but a lot of people around the league who don't follow them as intensely as people from Toronto and people from all over the leafs fans is they realized that it it was as important as it was to get Marna re-signing back on this team. Captain and Andreas Johansson were dynamite last year and that's the depth and Biz you bring up what they got those guys to sign deals for three three and a half whatever it is those are the guys that that'll make this this offense really tech because they can get twenty twenty five each and and all of a sudden you're really taking pressure off the guys you brought this up but it was a great point having said all that the big three guys they kyle promised a couple years ago or a year ago that they were getting neulander matthews and Martin or sign and he did it he did it was up and down up and down battle and it looked at times like it wouldn't happen to of them being not long but holdouts so it ended up happening to now crush on well. Guess what I think Austin Matthews wins the MVP this year where I don't think the P- the pressure isn't necessarily on this year as far as well because those deals haven't kicked in its next year when they have now has already kicked in because he was off his entry level but matthews wasn't now wow that the money that those guys took is all in effect whereas now there's not they're not going to be able to put as much around them because of how quote unquote greedy they they were in taking a lot of money and digging away at the salary cap then. It's like okay you want it now. You've got fucking. Carry the team on your own because you didn't want any money to spend it spread it around a little bit yeah. It's well said and I just I think Matthews is going to be a man possessed this year. I think you're looking at a guy who can get one hundred points forty goals sixty s if not more goals I just this is a year where you I picture him completely dominating even more so than he has in the past and the one weird thing is that they had enough six start to last year the first half of the best teams league and then they limped into the playoffs it got ugly down the stretch and they lose the first round so they're going to figure out a way they'd have to be consistent the entire regular dollars another reason why everyone was pretty hard on kneeland or to his things were going really well when he was and it just so happens he comes back. He wasn't playing well all of a sudden the team's not playing well and you know when things aren't going alone Toronto they gotta they gotTa have a whipping boy and it just so happens. It was the wrong the wrong year to sit out in demand more more your money and if you're GONNA question anything it's Qadri is a tough loss in the guy took the dumbest penalties in the playoffs but he was he was great for them and he was a guy that was hard to to play against. We've said it a million times on here. Someone's going to have to step up and be a replacement and I know they did get Johnson and captain resigned but Karna Brown played some good minutes for for them as well. He's he's gone. He's in Ottawa part of that. Whole sites have see stuff so we'll see we'll see what happens but they're in the playoffs for me? All three of those teams at Toronto definitely could take another step this year and maybe finally get by Boston. Another thing too is they've been drafting and developing pretty well. in the Tron Organization..

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