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You got a lot to be thankful for? And so does soda we did each year? Don't you think we're still thank you for saying that nice to be seen a nice to be heard as a matter of fact. Yeah. All right. Yes. Yes. I saw an inordinate amount a tribe. Never thought of it that way on the road yesterday coming back from home, and I was surprised that number of people going back and forth in each direction. I thought it was like a regular workday. But it was a holiday, and I thought it was going to be a lot less traffic. But how is it out there? This morning though. I think it's going to stay the same some schools go back today. So that'll put a little bit more traffic back on the road. But at least right now, if you look at everything the beltway all the interstates inbound is six ninety five clear. Good to go at both a tunnels that will be the gauge later on is what we see any backups going into the tunnels. If we're going to go back to the regular rush hour this morning, but for right now, we're clear good trip through an apple is coming off the bay bridge row came on the Parkway ninety five route twenty nine towards the capitol beltway and very quiet as well. On the J F affects at least right now between northern Parkway in the ramps downtown, I'm Chuck Whitaker with traffic and weather first. I'll talk radio six eighty WCBS the exclusive WCBS Weather Channel forecast. Partly cloudy skies today, a high of forty four degrees yesterday, we had about sixty degrees and some areas sixty one in fact, the nights impossible showers, a low of thirty eight tomorrow. Day, partly cloudy and a high of fifty degrees, raw those current temperatures part. Frank, forty five degrees at Annapolis forty-three in Frederick and ahead on the news at five thirty s Frank mentioned over three hundred Baltimore homicides and account already for the new year. All right now to open up our big birthday book here following me that checks on some historical, hysterical, but historical headlines. Oh, right. We have actor Cuba Gooding junior is birthday today. As is the the Christy Turlington, the model, Chris vivacious? Have you ever seen? I saw a picture for the first time. The other day is about a fact. Search for it. Right. They'll got some tread left. Yes. After he passes the pencil test. All right. Or Christy Turlington go with Christy Turlington, even Christy Turlington rubel. Shut goes with Cuba. I'm with Joe here. Let's try Christie. Somebody's gonna be wrong. Someone who's going to be right, Dan. Cuba Gooding is fifty one today and Christy Turlington close fifty. Jeez. Coming in second right today is of course, Wednesday January the second and for some reason lucky one thing he gets the third on a lie. I know, but I do them. Too polite today is Wednesday. Second. And on this date in seventeen eighty eight. This state became the fourth state to ratify the US constitution. The state. I'm gonna say, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania raw would you like to? Thank goodness. I'll give you a hint. It's not in the northeast. Okay. South Carolina, South Carolina. Maryland, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia. Mind, georgia. Oh shut up. I'm gonna say it loud that. In nineteen thirty five. This man went on trial and Flemington New York on charges of kidnapping and murdering the twenty month old son of Charles and Lindbergh Flemington. You're right. Yeah. Helping. AM AM Huffman. Yeah. You know, your history. I do. Yes. And thank you in nineteen seventy four president Richard Nixon signed legislation requiring states to limit. Highway speeds, the fifty five miles an hour as a way of conserving gasoline the face of an OPEC oil shortage, how long did that limitation last? I'll say two years. Two years ago about Ozzy five six years, actually, the fifty five mile per hour. Speed limit was effectively phased out in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. Seventy four eighty four thirteen years. Wow. That long. Yeah. Well, that long we ever did fifty five. You still don't do. In nineteen eighty three the original Broadway. Production of the musical Annie close after a run of Helmand performances. I don't know. I know that we'll just take a wild. Guess I'll say. Three thousand three thousand two thousand performance two thousand twenty to twenty five hundred split the difference. Well, rob you split the difference. And you are correct because twenty three hundred seventy seven performances well, and I was over. But it was ruled that you couldn't be over. This is like more shoes. Clothes, and we'll give you a cigar. Chooses close. All right chuckled. Check in about nine minutes or so IT that. All right. See you then and the big question if we were talking about the Baltimore Ravens? I'm wondering. Now, how many of you listeners out there have forgiven? The ravens now that they're back winning again. We'll discuss that on the other side of this break. But right now, we.

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