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Your free design consultation at Keller showcase dot com that's Keller showcase dot com. Every family deserves a spring break and schwarze has just the ticket Amtrak cascades, kids two to 12 ride for 50% off, fly by traffic and enjoy your family as you go. You have parents, large restrooms, and a cafe on board. Get tickets at Amtrak cascades dot com. One 44, traffic every ten minutes on the forest from the high performance homes traffic center, and here's Kimmy Klein. I still haven't heard of any major accidents or stalled vehicles really walking in the way right now, but I did notice a small slowdown around home water on northbound 5 near trosper road and looking closer at the cameras. It looks like we had a bit of a downpour of raid around the area, so people are just taking a little easy and a little slower with a slick conditions. South on one 6 7s also just starting to crowd right around jovita boulevard, we have some delays in Bellevue south on four O 5 mostly between southeast 8th and a 112 in Newcastle, but we're looking great across our floating bridges. It is still busy in Seattle and spots on southbound 5 between north gate and Soto, some brief delays northbound 5 around the west seaba bridge, the ongoing road work east of is Sequoia as west by 90 reduced to just a single lane right near the Preston fall city road that's causing just under a mile long slowdown and we're just seeing our first signs of heaviness on the Boeing freeway in Everett on east bound 5 T 6 is the approach evergreen way. This support sponsored by Albertsons and Safeway earned three times rewards points when you purchase any item at Safeway. Use your rewards for discounts on groceries or up to $1 off per gallon and gas rewards restrictions and exclusions apply offer ends April 25th. Your next northwest traffic at one 54. And our forecast sponsored by northwest crawl space

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