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Of town. The expressway is clear. No complaints and Ruth three from Weymouth. Down to the SAG, more rob tackle a deadly disease traffic on the three Rob, Let's check the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast with mad bends around this morning, Watch out for a snow shower in spots, otherwise looking at a windy day and cold for the rest of today, with sunshine and patchy clouds, Developing Attempted near 30 degrees, but real fields will be mainly in the single digits tonight. Remaining blustery and cold with a clear sky little 17 degrees, but real fields near or below zero tomorrow, Sonny, but still a dusty, cold wind high 31 degrees. Real fields in the single digits and teens Monday mainly sunny not as harsh with the high 36 for Tuesday, turning out cloudy, high 34 degrees. I'm angry with me. They're all this map ends WBZ Boston's news right out in the mall Burrow Hudson Clinton area Little south of Lancaster. It's It's knowing we had some snow a little bit earlier on the North Shore, still expecting some flurries to come to the South Shore. Right now. In Milton, it is 28 degrees 29 degrees in Middleborough, Behavioral, A 24 and here in Boston sun and clouds and 28 degrees at 8 55. On the ring Central news line his Jordan Hello there. Jordan Rich with you. The WBC New England weekend. We're taking a look at the New England ski season with the help of Elicit Jacoby, writer from Boston magazine has done a great piece on it in this month's edition. Listen, let's take a look at the social distancing parameters and the new rules that allow form or safety on the slopes for skiers. This year, social distancing will be in.

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