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Thank you to go to the beginning. We must go back to that most Medieval Times. The nineteen sixteen and a rivalry an epic arrived on a small Spanish island then involved barbecue barbecue businessman. Who's a Montana and another restaurant tour? As the story goes Monterey overheard some British tourist discussing night jousting during Medieval Fairs. An Idea. What if he lured more tourists to his orbit? Queue joint via show Yes I I will say that. Most good rivalries involve barbecue but but that is true. Not Enough of them involved jousting so got on him he combined the. Yeah Yeah So he transformed his estate. I into a medieval dinner theater in the nineteen sixties and soon after he opened a second location in Spain Monterey also had interest in Spanish history in particular he cited the Nineteen Sixty One Charlton Heston film Il. Cid It. Sure many of the key aspects of medieval times these original restaurants horses nights jousting later. He even tried to hire Heston dried. Iram but the price I can imagine. I can imagine Charlton Heston in the nineteen sixties. That's a big price tag. I can I can imagine. Would you've horses to feed? Oh Gosh yes. By the one thousand nine hundred eighty S. He had convinced a group of investors to go ahead with the title of Medieval Times the first US location opened in. Orlando Florida less than fifteen minutes away from Disneyworld. Nineteen eighty-three. The castle cost almost four million dollars. Orlando never change never change. Also I didn't include this but I'll add it now because I do think it's funny. They filed multiple lawsuits against competing restaurants in Orlando and one of them. I've been to and it's like a pirate themed. Let's that also wasn't accident. This is back before I maximized all my gosh. It was an interesting experience for sure but yes Orlando Indeed. So when this opened this was on the heels of along people looking down on dinners provided during shows originally stage productions. That provided meals did so primarily to stave off complaints of hunger during long shows but medieval times is different in that it was a live stunt. Show that didn't rely on. Starpower Know Charlton Heston no problem but over a decade from when it opened attendance at that Medieval Times rose from under two hundred thousand to above six hundred thousand. The second location opened in California in nineteen eighty six Beginning two thousand management decreed that choreography must be uniform. Pretty much the entire show across the across all the castles. Yes must be uniform and then whole tragedy in twenty ten. Do Florida locations filed for bankruptcy after the irs came at them for over ten million dollars tax claiming back taxes. Oh acid to file for bankruptcy. So they could pay that the IRS. Heck Look Y'all talking about a scary. I won't say villain but presents in a medieval so perhaps the interest tax could do. It could do it. Okay as of Tony Seventeen. They started replacing the kings with Queens. As of yet there have been female nights and the updated script include lines. Like there'll be no much making tonight and of me as you served my father and forget not that inside half the blood of kings..

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